One Way Anova Calculation of 4 Political Parties in Maharashtra.

Title: One Way Anova Calculation of 4 Political Parties in Maharashtra. Author: Jidnyasa Bhoir – Roll No. 69 Introduction: Political parties in Maharashtra, like BJP, Congress, NCP, and MNS, are groups of people who share similar ideas about how the government should work. The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is a national party with a focus… Continue reading One Way Anova Calculation of 4 Political Parties in Maharashtra.

Layoffs Impact

Layoffs Impact Author-Lekha Karnik MMS-Roll No-0222025 Kohinoor Business School Literature Review How mass layoffs are related to lower job performance and OCB among surviving employees in Chile: an investigation of the essential role of psychological Contract LOPEZ BOHLE, et al. (2017) This article established a link between mass layoffs, layoffs having a detrimental impact on… Continue reading Layoffs Impact


TITLE – DIGITAL INDIA AUTHOR – ASHWAMEGH MUNDRE MMS – Roll NO. 0222039 KOHINOOR BUSINESS SCHOOL LITERATURE REVIEW 1. Digital Payment Systems in India after Demonetisation. Since the 1960s, significant progress has been made towards a digital payment system, yet more than 85% of retail transactions worldwide still take place in cash. Higher cash-to-GDP ratios… Continue reading DIGITAL INDIA


E-commerce Author: Aniket Dupargude MMS – ROLL NO. 12 Literature Review Analysis of Computer-Based Blockchain Technology in Cross-Border E-commerce Platforms. Zheng, Luyao et al. (2021) says that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize cross-border e-commerce platforms by improving efficiency, security, and trust. Several studies have explored the use of blockchain technology in cross-border e-commerce… Continue reading E-commerce


Title : Illiteracy Author: Priyanka Vilas More Literature Review Financial Illiteracy in America Anthes, William L. states that (2004). Financial Illiteracy in America: A Perfect Storm, a Perfect Opportunity” is an article that discusses the prevalence of financial illiteracy in the United States and the potential consequences it can have for individuals and the economy… Continue reading illitreacy

child labour

Title: child labour Author: Rutuja Gholap LITERATURE REVIEW Analysis of child Labour 

The findings show that children with pre-primary and primary education are less likely to be in the workforce, whereas children with secondary and higher secondary education are more likely to be in the workforce. The findings suggest that increasing children’s educational attainment and… Continue reading child labour

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds Author Shruti Bagul Literature view 1. Why Do Mutual Funds Hold Lottery Stocks? The article examines the behavior of mutual fund investors seeking out extreme fund returns and the strategies used by fund managers to exploit this behavior. The study finds that funds with more lottery holdings attract larger flows, suggesting managers cater… Continue reading Mutual Funds

Government Securities

NAME: DIVYA SANTOSH WARE. CLASS: FY-MMS. ROLL NO.: 0222128. SUBJECT: BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODOLOGY. TOPIC: Government Securities. Risk spilled over global treasury market in pandemic. Fang Y, et, al (2022) says that the state-dependent local projection method was used to examine the influence of Covid-19 pandemic shocks on Treasury market volatility and risk spill overs, with… Continue reading Government Securities

Poverty in India

Title: Poverty in India Author: Rutuja Ganesh Gavane Literature Review Analysis of Poverty, Openness and Literacy in India Prusty, Sadananda (2009) states the interplay between poverty, trade openness, and literacy in India. Through a quantitative analysis of various data sources, they demonstrates that poverty and literacy are inversely related, means that the higher literacy rates… Continue reading Poverty in India

Comparison of Four Cake Flavours

Ruchi Gadher Introduction: There are always new and exciting cake flavours that become popular and “trending” in the baking world.Trending cake flavours offer a unique and exciting twist on classic cake flavours. They’re a great way to add some variety to your baking repertoire and impress your friends and family with your culinary skills. Objectives:… Continue reading Comparison of Four Cake Flavours