Title:- Comparision of 4 Products of Soap Author:- Payal Nimbalkar Introduction: Dettol:  Dettol is a well-known global brand owned by Reckitt Benckiser. It is primarily recognized for its antiseptic products but also produces a range of hygiene and skincare products. Dettol offers various soap variants, including Dettol Original, Dettol Cool, Dettol Skincare, and more. Dettol… Continue reading COMPARISON OF 4 PRODUCTS

One Way ANOVA calculated of 4 Toothpaste

Title: – One Way ANOVA calculated of 4 Toothpaste Author: – Rohan Narwane (MMS First Year Batch B, Roll no. 0222102) Kohinoor Business School, Kurla. Introduction: In this analysis, 4 Toothpaste Companies have been taken The Indian oral care market, which includes toothpaste, toothbrushes, tooth powder, mouthwash, and denture care, is worth 15,000 CR. The… Continue reading One Way ANOVA calculated of 4 Toothpaste

Customer satisfaction towards promotion of online food ordering app.

Title: Customer satisfaction towards promotion of online food ordering app. Author: Chunoti Sachin Rane – Roll no. 111.              Ankita Rajesh Dalal – Roll no. 72.    Smeet Jitendra Ajmera – Roll no. 66. Introduction: Customer satisfaction plays a crucial factor in promoting a food ordering app from the customer’s point of view. It not… Continue reading Customer satisfaction towards promotion of online food ordering app.

Smartphones Market

Smartphones market   Author: Suraj Amrutkar MMS – Roll no (0222002)   Kohinoor Business School   Literature Review   Innovative Products, Processes and Practices: Evaluation of Smartphone based Operating Systems and their Market Shares.   GAKHAR, K.; CHAHAL, A. et al.(2023), says that,In this essay, we’ll talk about how smartphones have changed our daily lives and… Continue reading Smartphones Market

Advertising Strategy

Title- Advertising Strategy Author- Mr.Sandeep Chaure Roll No.- 0222070 Literature Review:- The Impact of Advertising Creative Strategy on Advertising Elasticity. DALL’OLIO, F.; VAKRATSAS, D. (2023) evaluated the impact of advertising creative strategy (ACS) on advertising elasticity, taking into account both the content and execution of ads. The study uses a three-dimensional representation for evaluating content… Continue reading Advertising Strategy


E-commerce Author: Aniket Dupargude MMS – ROLL NO. 12 Literature Review Analysis of Computer-Based Blockchain Technology in Cross-Border E-commerce Platforms. Zheng, Luyao et al. (2021) says that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize cross-border e-commerce platforms by improving efficiency, security, and trust. Several studies have explored the use of blockchain technology in cross-border e-commerce… Continue reading E-commerce

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness Author: Shivansh Gupta MMS – Roll No. (0222) Kohinoor Business School Literature Review The development of brand awareness in young children: how do young children recognize brands? AKTAŞ ARNAS et al(2016) say that According to the study, young kids as young as three exhibit brand awareness and can identify the product and brand… Continue reading Brand Awareness

Business communication research

Business communication research. Author Madhuri patil. Roll no- 0222107. THE IMPACT OF EXECUTIVE VERBAL COMMUNICATION ON THE CONVERGENCE OF INVESTORS OPINIONS. WEI GUO,SENGUL METIN,TIYING YU (2013) Said that Verbal communication refers to do communication by using our gesture, posture, facial expressions etc. Verbal communication works without using words. Verbal communication refers to “Non verbal communication”.… Continue reading Business communication research