Title: One Way ANOVA calculation of 4 Technology Companies. Author: Tejas Rajendra Pagare, MMS, Batch A Roll No. 42 Introduction: In this analysis 4 Technology Companies have been taken, namely: Samsung: It is a multinational conglomerate that produces a wide range of electronics, appliances, and services. The company was founded in South Korea in 1938… Continue reading Technology(ANOVA)

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Relationship of Paisalo Digital Limited with Nifty 50

Author: Payal Nimbalkar Introduction: Paisalo Digital Limited is an Indian financial services company focused on providing lending solutions to individuals and small businesses, especially in rural areas. Using technology, they offer various loans like personal, business, and two-wheeler loans to promote financial inclusion. The company emphasizes responsible lending and tailors its products to meet customer… Continue reading Relationship of Paisalo Digital Limited with Nifty 50

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Relationship of Federal Bank Ltd. With nifty 50

Author: Falguni Kesaria Introduction: Federal Bank Limited is an Indian private sector bank headquartered in Aluva, Kochi, Kerala . The bank was named Federal Bank Limited on 2 December 1949, after completing the formalities of Banking Regulation Act, 1949. It is considered as one of the major Indian commercial banks in the private sector having… Continue reading Relationship of Federal Bank Ltd. With nifty 50

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Network Issue in Online Learning

Title : Network Issue in Online LearningAuthors : Sakshi Jadhav (82)                Falguni Kesaria (87)                Harshitha Poojary (110) Introduction : Online learning can sometimes be tricky due to problems with the internet connection. These issues can cause delays and make learning frustrating. It’s… Continue reading Network Issue in Online Learning

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Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA Name: Sandesh Ambhore Roll no.: 67 Batch B   Do Firms’ Social Media Fake News Clarifications Mitigate the PEAD Anomaly? Evidence from a Policy Experiment in China. WANG and YE (2023) says use of social media will clarify the fake news over reduction of PEAD anomaly. Policy experiment was conducted in China to… Continue reading Social Media

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Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Author – Ritu Yadav MMS-65 Literature Review News and Analysis of the Global Innovation Scene. The article talks about how artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more prevalent in healthcare, especially in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. It looks at several ways AI might be used in healthcare, including… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

Advertising Strategy

Title- Advertising Strategy Author- Mr.Sandeep Chaure Roll No.- 0222070 Literature Review:- The Impact of Advertising Creative Strategy on Advertising Elasticity. DALL’OLIO, F.; VAKRATSAS, D. (2023) evaluated the impact of advertising creative strategy (ACS) on advertising elasticity, taking into account both the content and execution of ads. The study uses a three-dimensional representation for evaluating content… Continue reading Advertising Strategy

Artifical Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Author-Ruchita Kulkarni Kohinoor Business School MMS-Roll no-0222030 Literature Review Explaining Data-driven decisions made by AI Systems: The Counterfactual Approach. FERNANDEZ-LORIA et al. (2022) This article provides counterfactual explanations for the judgements made by model-based AI systems. The counterfactual method which defines an explanation as a set of system data inputs that causally drives… Continue reading Artifical Intelligence.


E-commerce Author: Aniket Dupargude MMS – ROLL NO. 12 Literature Review Analysis of Computer-Based Blockchain Technology in Cross-Border E-commerce Platforms. Zheng, Luyao et al. (2021) says that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize cross-border e-commerce platforms by improving efficiency, security, and trust. Several studies have explored the use of blockchain technology in cross-border e-commerce… Continue reading E-commerce

Future of Artificial Intelligence

Future of Artifical Intelligence Author: Smeet Ajmera MMS-Roll no: 66 Kohinoor Business School Literature Review Smart Contracts, AI, and the Future of Asset Valuation Jun Dai, et al.(2022)What are smart contracts, and how might they be used in conjunction with artificial intelligence to resolve disputes between taxpayers and the IRS on asset valuation? Smart contracts… Continue reading Future of Artificial Intelligence

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