Analysis of Anova on Most preferred Mobile Brand


 Praapti Sanjay Pande


 Mobile phones are hand-held phones with built-in antennas. They have become a very important element of well-developed societies. It is not just a device, but essentially a “smart” part of our life. Very often these devices support people with the answers to the various questions, like: opening hours, weather forecast, news, sport games results, clues, etc.  People are increasingly treating their mobile phones as data storage banks. It provides an unlimited and instant access to the knowledge, every time they need it. With the increasing Popularity of Mobile Phones, a number of brands have emerged with their own operating systems. In this Study Four Mobile Brands have been compared, they are: Apple, Samsung, One plus and Oppo


To Compare the Four Mobile Brands and Figure out if any of them is Different

Literature Review

Mobile Revolution

Mobile has become the fastest Adopted Technology due to Dramatic Performance Improvements In Mobile Communication Standards. The User costs have plummeted but the Mobile network infrastructure costs have also fallen dramatically. The key enablers in this revolution have driven the Consumer adoption of 3G and 4G standards. SME’s are leading the mobile enterprises and have seen an intense growth in their revenues. Mobile Technologies are fueling economic growth and driving recovery from the global Recession. The rise of the Internet in the late 1990s was marked by explosive growth and aggressive innovation, the shift toward mobile is reshaping the economic landscape. It is also the foundation of new and old industries to take root and flourish. ( Wolfgang BockFrançois Candelon, Steve Chai, Ethan Choi, John Corwin, Sebastian DiGrande, Rishab Gulshan, David Michael, and Antonio Varas, 2015)

Towards a Brighter Future

India is climbing its ladder to beat China in Production of mobile phones. Indian Cellular Association Claims that India has seen an overall growth of 350% from 2014-2017 in Handset Production. The telecom industry today is amongst the top five employment opportunity generators in India, creating over four million direct and indirect jobs. The Indian government announced the Phased Manufacturing Programme as an initiative to help build a robust indigenous mobile manufacturing ecosystem in India From local brands like Micromax to Karbonn to foreign brands like Samsung, Xiaomi and HTC, budget smartphones have flooded the market. (IBEF, Knowledge Centre, Feb 28, 2019)

Data Collection

The Survey was obtained by circulating a Google form for Rating 4 types of Mobile Brands on a Scale of 1 to 10 (1 being Lowest and 10 being Highest). The data was collected from 35 people. This data was then transferred into an excel file and Anova: Single Factor was applied to it.

Data Analysis

H0: All four mobile phones are the same.

H1: Any one of the mobile phones is different.

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Source of Variation SS df MS F P-value F crit
Between Groups 124.0785714 3 41.35952381 21.37582338 2.10029E-11 2.671177951
Within Groups 263.1428571 136 1.93487395
Total 387.2214286 139



Since P value more than 0.05, We Accept H0 and Reject H1 Which means all 4 mobile Brand are Same


IBEF, Knowledge Centre, Feb 28, 2019

Wolfgang BockFrançois Candelon, Steve Chai, Ethan Choi, John Corwin, Sebastian DiGrande, Rishab Gulshan, David Michael, and Antonio Varas, 2015

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