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Customer Satisfaction

Customer         Satisfaction Author:-                 Vikas Mandal Stream:- MMS Roll No:- 34 Kohinoor Business School Abstract:- Customer satisfaction is the key factor for successful and depends highly on the behaviors of frontline service providers. Customers should be managed as assets, and that customers vary in… Continue reading Customer Satisfaction


BUSINESS IN DIGITAL ERA Author:-YASHSALUNKHEStream:- MMSRoll No:- 52Kohinoor Business School Abstract:-The objective of this research is to study business model transformation in the digital era. The target group is a group of 557 Gen Y (Generation Y) who are not over 41 years old and Gen Z (Generation Z) who were born between 1997 and… Continue reading BUSINESS INDIGITAL ERA


  Aalisha Mankar MMS Roll No.-37 Kohinoor Business School Literature Review   Benefits of policy support of a healthy eating initiative in schools. Nathan et al. (2015) says and highlights the benefits of policy support for healthy eating initiatives in schools. The authors argue that such initiatives can have a significant impact on children’s health… Continue reading Health

Stock Market

STOCK MARKET AUTHOR NAME-VAIBHAV VIJAY BIRAJDAR ROLL NUMBER – 08 Influence of FII Flows on Indian Stock Market AJMERA, & CHAUHAN, (2022) Says that FII always focuses on developing country like India to get higher returns. FII can influence the Indian market because Indian business-man thinks about getting help from FII is easy besides DII.… Continue reading Stock Market

Crypto Currencies and Meta Verse, Jayesh Pardeshi 222106

Crypto Currencies and Meta Verse Author Jayesh Pardeshi Roll no 0222106, MMS First year Kohinoor Business School, Kurla. Crypto-currencies Trading and Energy Consumption: According to Christophe Schinckus, Canh Phuc Nguyen and Felicia Chong Hui Ling, the effects of crypto-currencies trading on the energy consumption has an important consequence of blockchain technology on climate change. They… Continue reading Crypto Currencies and Meta Verse, Jayesh Pardeshi 222106

Child Labour

Author : PIYUSH R VISHWAKARMA MMS, 126 Title – CHILD LABOUR Child Labour as a Problem of Labour Markets and Economic Development. Palley says Child labour is a big problem and it happens because some people exploit children for work. This is bad because children should be in school and not working. Some companies have… Continue reading Child Labour


Author : Aditi Bhoir MMS Roll No : 06 SPORTS MANAGEMENT   1.    Sponsorship Programmes & Corruption In Sport: Management Responses To A Growing Threat   Roberts, Samantha et al (2023) says that sponsorship programs have become a significant part of modern sports, providing vital funding for athletes, teams, and sporting events. However, with the… Continue reading SPORTS MANAGEMENT


Title : Automobile Industry Author : Omkar Ashutosh Rekhi Roll No: 0222051 Literature Review – The future of the Automobile Industry : A look at the trends that will shape the next decade , By McKinsey & Company (2023) The automobile industry is rapidly evolving, and the next decade will bring significant changes. McKinsey &… Continue reading 51_Omkar_Ashutosh_Rekhi_MMS_BRM

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Author: Priyal Vijay Shejwal A brief historical overview of artificial intelligence research This paper gives a brief timeline of the evolution of the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a field that is currently generating approximately sixty thousand research papers per year. This represents a 12.9% growth in output over the past five years,… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence