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September 15, 2021

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Uses Of Information Technology in Several Sectors

Uses Of Information Technology in Several Sectors Prerna Uttam Chavan Digital learning Information Technology Media and Communication can improve the quality of education. Social distance learning creates its own challenges in the world of education which is the new normal. The teachers started making their own videos for learning and student support. They share these videos on social media like youtube,udemy,etc and also through voice notes. This is possible because of information technology with the help of computers and the internet which provides an assignment and modulus. To teach the students, teachers should stay updated with software skills using information Read More
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Experience of IT professionals regarding family disturbance while working from home during Lock-down

Authors: Name Batch Roll no Nikhilesh Pathak EMBA-16 29 Aditya Agarwal EMBA-16 44 Aditya Nalawade EMBA-16 04 Gauri Sawant EMBA-16 19 Introduction: Due to pandemic situation raised, many companies have asked their employee to work from home. So, this survey is for the IT companies regarding family disturbance what they go through while working from home. Views and review: 103 Data collection: 1. I am comfortable working in my family environment 2. My family is supporting my work from home 3. I am able to balance my professional and family life 4. I am happily able to spend more time Read More
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People learned a lesson from this pandemic situation to give first priority to their health.

Nowadays in this covid-19 pandemic situation, everybody has started taking preventive action and giving first priority to his / her health. Objective: To understand the audience’s knowledge in preventing health. Views and Reviews: Data Collection: This research was conducted by a survey among our friends, relatives and colleagues about their experience in this pandemic situation. The data collected is from 144 different individuals. The questionnaire used Likert scale (Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly Agree). The questionnaire has the following questions: People use masks and maintain social distance. People eat healthy food and more vitamin C fruits in their daily Read More
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Returns of Nifty50 and PNC Infratech limited

Submitted by: Prajakta S Ghodinde MBA ITM Kharghar Roll No: 52 INTRODUCTION: The National Stock Exchange (NSE) is India’s leading stock exchange covering various cities and towns across the country. NSE was set up by leading institutions to provide a modern, fully automated screen-based trading system with national reach. The Exchange has brought about unparalleled transparency, speed & efficiency, safety and market integrity. It has set up facilities that serve as a model for the securities industry in terms of systems, practices and procedures. PNC INFRATECH LIMITED had Established in 1989, PNC constructions has earned remarkable reputation as one of Read More
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