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May 30, 2020

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Comparison of Four Different Worlds Best Places

Author: Mayur Ashiyani (Kohinoor Business School) (MMS: Roll no. 03) Introduction:- As per my studies for worlds best places, keeping in mind iconic attraction, culture, food and ease of travel, these are the top 4 best places in the world. These are the destinations overlooked by most of the travellers. I have selected FOUR Worlds Best Places . 1) Great Wall of China – China 2) Taj Mahal – India 3) Christ the Redeemer – Brazil 4) Colosseum – Italy Objective: To compare four different types of worlds best places by One way ANOVA. Data Collection: – he data was Read More
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comparison for 4 different bikes using one-way Anova.

Author – Nikhil Jaiswal Introduction – four bike brand has been taken for comparison Hornet, Pulsar 220, Yamaha Fz, TVS Apache. Hornet is owned by Honda which is Japan based Pulsar220 is owned by bajaj which is india based Yamaha FZ is owned by Yamaha which is Japan Based Tvs Apache is owned by Tvs which is India Based Objective – to find whether the above 4 brands are same or any one is different Data collection – Data was collected through primary data sources. 33 people were asked to give their ratings in the likert scale in the range Read More
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Experience of the office goers regarding road traffic.

Akshay C. Jadhav, Ganesh Gholap, Roshan Alva EMBA 15, Kharghar Introduction India is a country with the second largest road network in the world. Out of the total stretch of 5.4 million km of road network, almost 97,991 km is covered by national highways. Traffic congestion is a condition on transport that is characterised by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queueing. Traffic congestion on urban road networks has become increasingly problematic since the 1950s. When traffic demand is great enough that the interaction between vehicles slows the speed of the traffic stream, this results in some congestion. Read More
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Opinion of people on travelling in 1st class of Mumbai local train.

Title – Opinion of people on travelling in 1st class of Mumbai local train. Authors names and roll no’s – Riya Gorre roll no. 13 , Pawan Gupta roll no. 15 and Chetan Nikam – 31. Introduction I selected this topic “Opinion of people on travelling in 1st class of Mumbai local train” to understand the various aspects of people regarding the price, comfort and pride associated with travelling in locals of Mumbai. Objective To understand the opinion of people regarding the 1st class commute. Data Collection For this particular survey I framed five questions and I have given five Read More
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Travel tips

SENWI SAHU MBA-HRM (011209) 1. ARTICLE CCN TRAVEL’ S THE BEST PLACES CCN is one of the most famous channel . As on its 50th anniversary they decided to travel all over the world . they decide to travel the best places on the occasion for celebration but their man focus is on the best places to as 50th anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon, the 100th anniversary of Grand Canyon National Park, Liechtenstein’s tricentennial and importantly, Ghana’s Year of Return marks 400 years since enslaved Africans arrived in North America. 2. ARTICLE TIPS OF BOOKING A FLIGHT Read More
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Experience of people about rush on Railway train during peak hours.

Experience of people about rush on Railway train during peak hours: – AUTHOR: – PRACHI VIJAY GHARAT. INTRODUCTION: – Mumbai is the city that never sleeps and that comes as no supervise because there’s so much to do here. Spread over 390 kilometers, the suburban railway operates 2,342 train services and carries more than 7.5 million commuters daily Making it one of the busiest rail systems in the world it is no surprise that overcrowding, here, reaches epic proportions. trains are accessible to all, rich or poor. Trains are literally overflowing during peak hours. Passengers often end up hanging off Read More
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Students Problem to Attend Lectures on Weekends due to train’s Mega Block

TITLE Students Problem to Attend Lectures on Weekends due to train’s Mega Block   AUTHORS 09 – Harmesh Jani 15 – Rajinder Negi 38 – Sunil Gowda   INTRODUCTION A mega block means suspension of traffic on a long stretch due to maintenance work. The railways will block a large number of routes to carry out maintenance work which will delay trains. The intention behind this research is to gather the experience and problems of the Students, due to Train’s Mega Block   LITERATURE REVIEW   Wilbur Smith Associates conducted survey for Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Ltd to assess the present travel pattern of Read More
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Experience of commuters about Metro Train timings

TITLE Experience of commuters about Metro Train timings AUTHORS 30 – Sachin Thorat 26 – Ritesh Shetty 33 – Rajesh Wader INTRODUCTION At present the most Indian Cities are expanding in fast pace and the city plans include development of urban activities. One of the most important issues is the impact of new urban rail infrastructure on socio- economic development along with the new metro rail The Mumbai Metro is a Metro system designed to reduce traffic congestion in Mumbai, and supplement the existing, but severely overcrowded Mumbai Suburban Railway network. providing the people of Mumbai with a fast, reliable, Read More
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