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October 27, 2021

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Analysis of Anova on Most preferred Mobile Brand

Author  Praapti Sanjay Pande Introduction  Mobile phones are hand-held phones with built-in antennas. They have become a very important element of well-developed societies. It is not just a device, but essentially a “smart” part of our life. Very often these devices support people with the answers to the various questions, like: opening hours, weather forecast, news, sport games results, clues, etc.  People are increasingly treating their mobile phones as data storage banks. It provides an unlimited and instant access to the knowledge, every time they need it. With the increasing Popularity of Mobile Phones, a number of brands have emerged Read More
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One way ANOVA Test with four different types of Online payment apps.

One way ANOVA Test with four different types of Online payment apps. Author: Miss. Isha Dhaktode. Objective: One way ANOVA Test with four different types of Online payment apps. Literature Review: Literature Review on Adoption of Digital Payment System India is no longer lagging behind other countries in joining the digital payment revolution. Digital payments have taken off in India and there are no chances of it to slow down in the future. With the demonetization by the government of India of highest currency notes in the country as well as the incentives provided for the adoption of digital payment Read More
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Experience of Women on/over Safety

Experience of Women on/over Safety Sneha Thacker MBA –Finance Glennis Kurien MBA – Finance Vaibhavi Purohit MBA – HRM Introduction The protection of women from all forms of abuse and oppression is now a national duty and a national task. To ensure the security of the women in the country, the entire population should be well educated and the laws should be very tough against every kind of crime. Objective To understand the underlying phenomenon of this problem. Literature review The study by Dutta, C. (2020) revealed that Violence against women tends to increase during times of emergency, including epidemics. Read More
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Topic: Cyber Crime Name: Mansi Singh Detection of cyber-attacks The paper proposes a method for improving the accuracy of early detection of cyberattack with a small impact, in which the mathematical expectation is a fraction of the total, and the pulse repetition period is quite long. Early detection of attacks against telecommunication networks is based on traffic analysis using extreme filtering. The algorithm of fuzzy logic for deciding on the results of extreme filtering is suggested. The results of an experimental evaluation of the proposed method are presented. They demonstrate that the method is sensitive even with minor effects. In Read More
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Topic: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Name: Sonal R. Gupta Consequences of COVID-19 On Domestic Violence COVID‐19 has been declared a global pandemic. As we all know recent weeks to tackle it have seen people’s day‐to‐day life drastically altered. These changes are essential to beat coronavirus and protect health systems. However, there are unintended, negative consequences. As the virus continues to spread across the world, it brings with it multiple new stresses, including physical and psychological health risks, isolation and loneliness, the closure of many schools and businesses, economic vulnerability, and job losses. Through all of that, children are particularly vulnerable to the Read More
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sexual harassment

SEXUAL HARASSMENT BY:- PRANJALI.RAI Sexual Discrimination and Harassment (SDH) sexual harassment has become a topic of thousands of researchers. because Sexual harassment has been become problem of most of the countries. According to article published from 1977 to 2020 there are many cases of sexual harassment in every field i.e.: – university, school, workplace, home, online space, hospital, and the military, etc. if a researcher wants to know better about the sexual harassments literature they must use this method text mining, qualitative, and temporal trend analysis methods. Karami, A, Melek, Y. S., White, C. N., Ford, K., & Swan, S. Read More
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Empowering Women

Empowering Women Saloni Bibvekar E- Learning: Wong, A and all (2020) has done great for women like Workplace-based training and development programs which were necessary to help individuals enhance their skills and knowledge, adapt to societal change and advance their careers. One way to approach this need for women is to offer Leaders for Work-Integrated e-Learning learning training such as women leadership programs, they also designed equipment to women with leadership and business development skills. These programs help women progress into senior management and board positions by focusing on the development of self-awareness as well as leadership skills, building strong Read More
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L&T Wins Suit against Infringers.

Larsen & Toubro Ltd. L&T Wins Suit against Infringers. In the recent case of Larsen & Toubro Ltd & another v/s Radheshyam Singh & another, a District Court in New Delhi restrained the defendant from using the marks which were deceptively similar to the plaintiff’s trademark since it amounted to infringement. The main suer was Larsen & Toubro Ltd an international technology, engineering, manufacturing, and construction company that had been using the marks Larsen & Toubro, L&T, LT. the marks are registered under the Trademarks law. This marl was presented artistically through a unique and orginal combination of font style Read More
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Collector Of Customs vs Titan Watches

1. Order-in-Appeal No. 50/91, dated 4-3-1991 setting aside the Order-in-Original dated 11-5-1990 elapsed the Assistant Collector of Customs, metropolis is challenged by the Department. 2. Respondent, engaged within the manufacture of watches, foreign a consignment of watch elements and conferred Bill of Entry dated 11-5-1990, Invoice and alternative documents and wanted clearance at the assessable price indicated in this. The consignment consisted of Crystals, Gaskets, ‘O’ Rings. Assistant Collector increased the worth of Crystals of 2 models from Japanese Yen twenty-two to Japanese Yen twenty-eight per unit and Japanese Yen thirty per unit severally. Respondent paid duty consequently and cleared Read More
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Manjeet Singh Vs. National Insurance Company Ltd. & Anr

This case concerned the hire purchase of a used truck by the appellant. Vehicle insurance was provided by the respondent’s insurance company. During one of his trips, a passenger asked him to stop and give him a lift. As soon as he stopped the truck, the passenger attacked the driver and fled with it. A police report was filed, and the respondent finance company was notified. The insurance company, however, rejected the claim for violation of the contract. He sought compensation from the District Consumer Disputes Forum, State Commission, and National Commission. The cases were rejected by each. Last but Read More
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