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August 17, 2019

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Perception on Nurses

AA survey on Perception of People on Nurses Author: Mr. Jaison Mascacrenhas and Mr. Ajinkya Kumbhar Introduction: This survey conducted in Ruby Hall clinic (Pune). The purpose behind the survey was to explore the perception of outpatient and inpatient visited the hospital towards employed staff nurses. This hospital has number of insourced as well as out sourced nurses working on day and night shifts. We believe that this survey shall help the nurses to understand kind of perception people have towards their profession. Objective: This survey is conducted to explore the perception of people towards nurses working in hospital. Views Read More
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Sun Pharma Laboratories Ltd vs Lupin Ltd

Delhi High Court Sun Pharma Laboratories Ltd vs Lupin Ltd & Anr on 19 February, 2018 * IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI % Reserved on : 08.02.2018 Pronounced on : 19.02.2018 + CS(COMM) 918/2016 SUN PHARMA LABORATORIES LTD ….. Plaintiff Through Mr.Hemant Singh, Ms.Mamta Jha and Mr.Waseem Shuaib Ahmed, Advs. versus LUPIN LTD & ANR ….. Defendants Through Mr.C.M.Lall, Sr.Adv. with Mr.Ankur Sangal & Ms.Pragya Mishra, Advs. CORAM: HON’BLE MR. JUSTICE JAYANT NATH JAYANT NATH, J. Along with the suit, the plaintiff filed IA No. The defendants thereafter filed IA No. 20124/2014 under Order 39 Rule Read More
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Abbott Forcing Sales Promotion Employees to follow Unethical

The competition in India’s pharmaceutical market with thousands of players bumping in for share of the market is ferocious. One of them being second largest drug maker by market share was reported to be in trouble in July 2016 because of an alleged suicide of a medical representative in Indore. Ashish Awasthi, who was 35,employed in the neuro life division of Abbott and was a consistent performer, was found dead on a railway track with a note that blamed the company for his death. The further investigation reported that the medical field representatives were under continuous pressure, mental harassment on Read More
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The Wakad police have registered a case against the chief executive officer (CEO) of Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital (ABMH) for allegedly holding a senior citizen hostage after the patient was unable to pay for his stay in the hospital. This occurred despite the patient having a ration card showing him as eligible for the Indigent Patient Fund (IPF) by which he could avail of free treatment. A case has been registered against several members of the hospital, including CEO Rekha Dubey, head of management Rajesh Dubey and bouncers. The case has been registered under Section 344 (wrongful confinement of a Read More
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Ajanta Pharma Ltd. Vs Theon Pharmaceuticals Ltd. on 5 May, 2017

The case has been filed before the Bombay High Court by Ajanta Pharma Ltd. seeking interim relief in a pharmaceutical trade mark and passing off action against Theon Pharmaceutical and Intas Pharmaceutical. Initially, when the lawsuit was brought, the claim of the Plaintiff was against the use of the mark “FERINTA” by the defendant which was deceptively similar to the mark of the Plaintiff i.e. “FERANTA”. Now the Plaintiff has sought an injunction order against the defendants for the use of the mark “INTAS’ FERINTAS” under the provisions of the Trade Marks Act, 1999. Defendant started by copycat defense which Read More
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The Comparison of using different hand hygiene products by the hospital staff

Topic: The Comparison of using different hand hygiene products by the hospital staff Author: Shantanu Sinha Introduction: Hand hygiene in the hospital is one of the main areas for causing hospital acquired infections among the patients. This survey brings out the importance of using correct and most effective hand hygiene products by the hospital staff. Objective: To find out the comparison on the usage of 4 different (Dettol soap,Savlon soap,Sanitizers and Lifebuoy soap)hand hygiene products by the hospital staff. Views and Reviews: Many hand sanitizers are available in the market with varying degree of effectiveness that are registered in the Read More
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Patient’s perspective on Medication Errors while admitted in the hospital

Title: Patient’s perspective on Medication Errors while admitted in the hospital. Author:Mr. Shantanu Sinha and Ms. Supriya Kamble. Introduction: In a perfect world, physicians would never get tired and never get stumped by a patient with an unusual symptom. They would not have to hand off their patients to the doctor working the next shift and nurses would communicate instructions to each other with perfect clarity. Sadly, the real world is far more error prone, and while most medical errors are small and harmless slip ups, occasionally they balloon into full blown tragedies. While patients know that doctors will not Read More
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Music Therapy in Medical Treatments

Music Therapy in Medical Treatments Music Interacting With Autism The Study shows the effects of the background music and song texts to teach emotional understanding to children with Autism (difficulty in social interaction). The verbal instructions to be given with help of background music representing the emotion. It has been observed that there is being significant improvement in their understanding of the four emotions, which are happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. Music increases their attention to tasks, to convey important information and make a more enjoyable learning environment. The role of music therapy is teaching emotional understanding to children with Read More
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Effect of lack of sleep on human body

Effect of lack of sleep on human body Vaishnavi Shende JankiDevi Bajaj Institute of management Studies, Mumbai. Abstract In the our day to day life we come across many challenging work, related our professional and personal life. It is necessary for to be eat healthy and stay healthy. But along with eating habit proper sleeping habit are also important. Due to our work schedule, late night working habit leads to sleeplessness which affects our body. Western culture is also somewhat responsible to this, late night parties, movie nights tends to less amount of sleep. Quality sleep is necessary not only Read More
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Artificial Intelligence

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Machines with Human Virtues Abstract: Artificial Intelligence it’s trying to replicate the humans with each advancement. But no human is complete without virtues like Intelligence and consciousness. This paper discusses design principles for a compassionate and conscious artificial intelligence. It also discusses how we can make people fearless of the AI technology by embedding empathy in them while also considering the dangers that come with it. (Banerjee, Soumya. Jan 7, 2018) Artificial Intelligence as an integral part of Robotics Abstract: The use of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Robotics and sub fields like mobile robotics, humanoids and Read More
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