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May 30, 2020

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1. Laparoscopic operation A laparoscopic two-stage operation could be one of the opera-tive options to reduce postoperative complications in patientswith comorbidities such as taking immunosuppressants Fujinaga Atsuro, Akagi Tomonori Verrucous carcinoma of the esophagus 2. We have reported a long-term follow-up case of VC ofthe esophagus that was difficult to diagnose preopera-tively. Since distant or lymph node metastasis with local-ized growth are relatively rare in esophageal VC, westrongly believe that surgery, which can enable long-term survival possible, should be considered first, withcurative intent.v Tabuchi satoshi, koyanagi kazoo 3. Targeting cancer CSCs are a small population of cancer cellsthat have self-renewal Read More
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Healthcare Negligence

Healthcare Negligence 1. Blood-transfusion Services in India Blood-transfusion services are vital to maternal health because haemorrhage and anaemia are major causes of maternal death in South Asia. Unfortunately, due to continued governmental negligence, blood-transfusion services in India are a highly-fragmented mix of competing independent and hospital-based blood banks, serving the needs of urban populations. study of the circumstances for maternal deaths in Indonesia indicate that the lack of blood supplies and inability of some healthcare professionals to administer a transfusion contributed to deaths due to haemorrhage. Many states in India have started addressing issues concerning the absence of blood-storage centers Read More
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This survey covers a wide range of public opinions on stress which affects their physical body, and begins with a summary of the key findings drawn from the survey analysis and strategic recommendations for communications. Stress is considered to be an integral part of one’s life; stress can be any kind of worry, Anxiety, hassle, trauma, tension, pain or pressure. Stress is sometimes avoidable but sometimes it is unavoidable and one has to become aware of certain measures and ways about how to manage it in an appropriate manner. However, this survey wouldn’t have been possible without my fellow member’s. Read More
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Relationship of Fortis Healthcare Limited with Nifty50

TITLE:Fortis Healthcare Limited.AUTHORS:01 – Ansari Farhin Jalil AhmedINTRODUCTION:Fortis Healthcare Limited (FHL) is a chain of hospitals, headquartered in India.Fortis Healthcare was initially founded by Shirindar Mohan Singh and Malvinder Mohan Singhbefore the controversies and transferring of controlling share to Malaysia’s IHH.The board approved the allotment of over 230 million shares through preferential issue to Northern TK Venture Pte Ltd, a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of IHH Healthcare, at 170 per share of 10 face value. In 2019, Fortis Healthcare announced that it has completed the acquisition of RHT Health Trust (RHT) assets for an enterprise value of Rs 4,650 crores. Read More
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