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October 27, 2021

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TITLE: – RELATIONSHIP OF PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK WITH NIFTY 50 AND CALCULATED BETA Author: – Pranjali. RajeshKumar. Rai INTRODUCTION: – Punjab national bank (PNB), it’s a swadeshi Bank, commenced its operation on April12, 1895 from Lahore, with an authorised capital of RS 2 lac and working capital is rs.20000. The bank was established by the spirit of nationalism and was the first bank purely managed by Indians with Indian capitals. OBJECTIVES: – Find the relationship between Nifty 50 and PNB and to calculate Beta of PNB and its significances. LITERATRE REVIEW: – • Punjab national bank is a good bank Read More
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RELATIONSHIP OF STATE BANK OF INDIA WITH NIFTY FIFTY SNEHA THACKER (MBA FINANCE -10010) OBJECTIVE To Find Relationship between State Bank of India with Nifty Fifty and Calculate Beta of State Bank of India an See Its Significance. LITERATURE REVIEWS SBI Said That Customers Will Not Be Required To Personally Visit The Branch For The Purpose Of Kyc Updation. SBI Will Not Freeze Accounts if KYC Not Updated; Customers Need Not Visit Bank. n a bid to provide relief to thousands of customers amid corona virus pandemic, the State Bank of India said that the bank will not ask the Read More
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Relationship of AXIS BANK LTD with NIFTY 50 and To Calculate Beta

Title: Relationship of AXIS BANK LTD with NIFTY 50 and To Calculate Beta Author: Amrita Dharmendra Raut Objective To find the relationship between AXIS BANK LTD and NIFTY 50 and to calculate Beta of AXIS BANK LTD and see its significance. Literature Review Axis Bank Limited – Financial Analysis Review In this paper, we attempt to identify the probability structure of extreme and cumulative stock price random variables for the Nifty 50 stocks, during six time periods between 2007 and 2020, where the major financial crises have occurred. We estimate the tail index for each stock to identify the corresponding Read More
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Relationship of Reliance Share with Nifty Fifty and to calculate Beta

Title: Relationship of Reliance with Nifty Fifty and to calculate Beta. Author: Renuka Patil MBA(Finance)-10006 Objective: 1) To find the relation between Reliance and Nifty Fifty 2) To calculate Beta of Reliance 3) It’s significance. Literature Review: 1) Suchismita Bose and Dipankar Kundu (2004) have studied “The Impact of FII Regulations in India: A Time-Series Interaction Analysis of Equity Flows”. They examined the impact of FII policy reforms on FII portfolio flows to the Indian Stock Markets. These result strongly suggests that liberalization policy has better impact to increase the mean level of FII’s inflows whereas restrictive measures do not Read More
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Student experiences financial crisis during pandemic

Topic – Student experiences financial crisis during pandemic Authors – Srushti badwaik 10001 Aishwarya nashte 10008 Dhanashree pawar 10011 Introduction:- In 2019 and even before COVID-19, there was already high growth and adoption in education technology. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has become a severe ordeal for the human population, resulting in urgent measures to limit the spread of the disease and adversely affecting many sectors of the economy. During the lockdowns, alternatives have been quickly found for a lot of economic activities and public services. The closures of entire businesses and travel restrictions caused serious damage to the global Read More
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Experience with online payment App

Add description TITLE EXPERIENCE WITH ONLINE PAYMENT APP AUTHOR Ruchita Bendugade Amruta sargar Priyanka katpara INTRODUCTION The ongoing spread of COVID-19 has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy and financial markets. To contain the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, India, like many countries across the globe, is taking several measures, including a nationwide lockdown; limiting movement of the entire population; shutting down public places and transport; and urging the public to stay indoors, maintain social distance, and work from home. The resulting economic disruption is huge and the short term decline in activity for businesses, both Read More
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Revolution of E-Commerce: During COVID-19

Title: Revolution of E-Commerce: During COVID-19 Author: Srushti Kiran Badwaik Expand the utilisation of e-commerce WHO’s call for social distancing as a precaution to prevent the spread of covid-19.Initially only started by educational institutions that carry out all teaching and learning activities at home. With the implementation of the large-scale social restrictions policy, almost all activities must be carried out from home, including work. Doing all the activities from home does not mean that it inhibits people from meeting their basic needs. By utilizing e-commerce and mobile commerce, people start shopping online. Almost all the necessities of life began to Read More
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China The first human transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus, the virus responsible for coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), was reported to occur in Wuhan, China on November 17, 2019. On March 11, 2020, following identification of 118,000 Covid-19 cases in 114 countries responsible for nearly 4300 deaths, the World Health Organization recognized Covid-19 as a pandemic. Other countries In some European, North American, and South East Asian countries and territories, the first wave of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic was showing a decline in late June 2020 when it was raging in other parts of the world, particularly Read More
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Digital currency

Digital currency Author – Ruchita Bendugade (MMS10002) 1. Future digital money New digitalized entrants into payment services and financial intermediation are also reshaping the monetary-financial landscape. Central banks properly addressed the rise of private digital currencies such as Bitcoin with just a study approach, since they do not pose any risk to the current monetary-financial system. To capture their creation and destruction processes through sectoral balance sheet dynamics; and to identify the inherent risks to the current monetary-financial system, also known as the fractional reserve banking system. These risks, which stem from sudden shifts in money demand and supply, are Read More
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Financial system, growth and economic development

FINANCIAL SYSTEM, GROWTH AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Author Name: Sneha Thacker (MBA FINANCE – 10010) PUBLIC FINANCE Study conducted by Prostebi. L states that the important areas of development of the public financial management system are the development of an effective multifaceted mechanism that provides opportunities to ensure the reliability and predictability of public administration bodies actions, their decision-making based on legally defined rules; carrying out a systematic assessment of the public finance management effectiveness; strengthening the responsibility of state authorities for actions and inactions; maintaining an appropriate level of the government revenues and expenditures ratio. Institutional changes in the financial Read More
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