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September 15, 2021

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Impacts of Covid-19

Title: Impacts of Covid-19 Author: Lakshmi Vijayan_MBA HR_10007 Impact on economy 1. The Economic Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic At The Beginning Of 2020 Towards the end of 2019, several people in the Wuhan region (China) showed symptoms of pneumonia of unknown origin. The cause was later discovered in the form of a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) highly contagious and, in some cases, even lethal. Thus, the 11 million Wuhan citizens are put in total quarantine for two months. The number of infections is growing exponentially, reaching a total of 10.1 million cases and more than 500,000 deaths worldwide at the end Read More
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Effect of Poverty Across the World

Effect of Poverty Across the World Poonam R. Patil ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Definition of Poverty Poverty over the years has been defined with a favour towards monetary form, however, with time scholars are shifting the definition of poverty to multifaceted issues like political participation and social rejection showing that poverty is a multifaceted event. This shows that poverty is a combination of factors. As a result, the United Nations (UN) defined poverty in two phase which are absolute poverty and overall poverty. Absolute poverty is determined as a state where people are denied basic human needs like food, clothing, shelter, and Read More
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Agriculture issues

AGRICULTURE ISSUES AAKANKSHA JHA Urban Mountain Waterscapes Socio-economic processes and climate change impact the socio-hydrology of many small towns in the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH), such as Leh in Ladakh. The rapidly urbanizing town experienced a shift from agricultural livelihoods towards incomes mainly relying on the tourism sector. This study aims to understand the transformation of the urban mountain waterscape and the role of different actors involved. The waterscape approach frames hydro-social relations in a specific spatial context and additionally captures diverging hydro mentalities within local actor constellations. Along with socio-economic shifts, the community-managed water regulation system is replaced by Read More
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Evolution of Study

Evolution of Study Sarita Panwar Building Liberal Arts Indian liberal arts universities have created an empowering educational experience for students to explore multiple disciplines, develop a greater appreciation of the Indian context, and unlock their potential through supportive relationships with others – as a result, these institutions have become hugely successful in India. These lessons from India are of relevance to education in African countries because of shared experiences as former European colonies. These African countries can learn from the Indian example in thinking about how to help students explore their own potential and develop a sense of responsibility to Read More
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India’s Current Scenario

India’s Current Scenario Author – Ruchi Maheshwari India’s soft Power Khurshid, M., & Khawaja, (2021) states that Modi stormed to power in 2014 with a thumping Majority. Prior to Modi’s rise to power, India’s soft power image across the globe was her economic strength, democratic credentials, cultural expansion, promotion of yoga and secularism credentials. Modi’s mindset, approach and some of his actions and policy decisions have seriously shaken the very foundations of India’s soft image empire. Soft power arises from the attractiveness of a country’s culture, political ideals, and policies. Modi has removed the mascot of secular democratic India to Read More
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Digital Money during Covid-19

Digital Money during Covid-19 Priyanka Patel Digital Currency: Viñuela, C. et al.(2020) – The world is entering in a new monetary stage. For almost 200 years central banks have provided cash as a credit-risk-free means of payment, but now is significantly declining in a few countries and at a not too long period of time we might face cashless societies soon. New digitalized enters or takes part into payment services and financial intermediation are also redesigned the monetary-financial landscape. Central banks properly addressed the rise of private digital currencies such as Bitcoin with just a study approach, since they do Read More
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Social Effects of Pandemic ( COVID-19)

Title – Social Effects of Pandemic ( COVID-19) Author – Mickey Ann Psychological Distance and Social Anxiety Lockdown measures have been widely used to control and prevent virus transmission in pandemic regions. However, the psychological effects of lockdown measures have been neglected, and the related theoretical research lags behind the practice. Psychological distancing is the subjective perception between self and others, such as people, future events possibility. Therefore, the individuals’ perceived psychological distancing between the disease and themselves affect their psychological outcomes, such as anxiety. Measures such as movement restriction, prolonged home-stay, which subsequently leaded to anxiety and depression. (Zheng) Read More
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Mental health & Covid-19

Business Research Methodology Name-Bhagwati Sharma MMS_10015 Mental health & Covid-19 COVID-19 and psychological distress The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly caused a lot of distress and resulted in severe mental issues. The study aimed to identify psycho-social factors that predicted distress among Indian population during the spread of novel Coronavirus. The survey was conducted considering the various factors to arrive at the best result. Evaluating a cut-off point of 3 for distress, the results showed that 53.86% of the people considered for analysis were under high distress. Within the socio-demographic factors, the respondents in the age group of 21–35 years were Read More
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Experience of interior designing students regarding interacting with dealers for market surveys or material selection due to pandemic.

AUTHORS : • Shahina Khatri • Namrata Ghadigaonkar • Gayatri Gawade INTRODUCTION : Due to this pandemic, Students were not able to go for the market surveys. Interior designing students need maximum knowledge of material selection and good interaction with dealers for that we have done this survey to get to know other students’ opinion if they face the same problems. VIEWS AND REVIEWS : -Aasawari toshniwal student of interior designing has shared that, “as an interior designing student we had to go for many market surveys for better material knowledge and to learn interaction with dealers. We always had Read More
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TITLE- EXPERIENCE OF STUDENTS REGARDING DIGITAL LIBRARIES. AUTHORS-1] Batul Chahwala 2]Rutuja Murade 3]Krisha Srigarla INTRODUCTION- As college libraries have become obsolete students are using more of digital matter which is causing few health problems and inconvenience. Students do not have easy access to few sites as rural area in India is not fully developed, due to digital library students lack concentration and digital libraries takes away job opportunities. VIEWS AND REVIEWS- Kinnery Thakur [Library manager] said in a newspaper article [Times of India] that “Digital library is a source that rebuild the knowledge and supports of conventional library in digital Read More
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