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May 30, 2020

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A study analyzing for branding for apple

  TITLE: A study analyzing for branding for apple By Shubham Sanap Mohsin Tandel Murtaza Mukadam Introduction Apple Inc. has continuously enjoyed a favorable market position. The sales have always been good and much of its success has been attributed to its product innovation and technological superiority. This project is an attempt to study this success in a different light. There are certain things peculiar with apple products. One can say the marketing and product launches have always been distinctive. This study makes an attempt to understand these peculiar distinctive branding strategies of apple. Objectives To study the impact of Read More
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Comparison of Four Different Antivirus

TITLE: Comparison of Four Different Antivirus Author: Shreyas S. Baraskar (Kohinoor Business School, Div A, Roll no. 06) Introduction: Antivirus software, or anti-virus software (abbreviated to AV software), also known as anti-malware, is a computer program used to prevent, detect, and remove malware.. There are many anti virus companies to secure the computers out of which I have selected the top four. 1) Comodo 2) AVAST 3) AVG 4) Nortan Objective: To compare four different types of Antivirus by ONE WAY ANOVA. Data collection: The data was collected by primary method i.e. through questionnaire. Students were asked to rank these Read More
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artificial intelligence

1) As digitalization has taken place everywhere in our daily life. Everything is done just by a single click. Artificial intelligence has also played a very crucial role in todays life. Britain’s government used this Artificial intelligence technology for protecting their citizens from fraud gangs claiming welfare payments. Algorithms mainly used by the fraudsters most commonly. This fraud identity can only be detected by intelligent computer programmes which can search billions of data base. The Britain government was dealing with many frauds claiming welfare payments. Even though 2.1 billion pounds of the departments budget was collected by these fraud gangs. Read More
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EXPERIENCE OF USING UTS (Unreserved ticket system) App. AUTHORS Madhura Bhat (PGDM-3408) Raj Kataria ( PGDM – 3704) Dishev Mehrotra (PGDM-3816) Averi Hazra (PGDM-1287)   INTRODUCTION In these modern days, each and every person wants to be mobilised. UTS app is basically the officially mobile ticketing application which allows train travellers to book unreserved tickets of suburban railways using their smartphone.With such a fast paced life people don’t have the time to stand in the queues for tickets. So we want to know how Mumbai people experienced the use of  UTS app in their busy schedule. OBJECTIVES This survey was Read More
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Analysis of the Experiences of individuals, buying groceries on BigBasket.

Authors: Poojan Dogra (46), Laura Braganza (57), Apurva Sanas (65) ITM EMBA 13 B Introduction: Bigbasket, headquartered in Bengaluru, is the largest online grocery supermarket in India. It was launched in 2011, the time when e-commerce was in its nascent stage in the country. It was founded by Hari Menon, VS Sudhakar, V S Ramesh, Vipul Parekh, and Abhinay Choudhari. It has reportedly secured fresh funding worth USD 150 million (about Rs 1,040 crore) led by Chinese e-tailer Alibaba and other investors including, South Korean firm Mirae Asset and UK government-owned CDC Group Views & Reviews: Vipul Parekh, CFO, and Read More
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