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September 15, 2021

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Online World during Pandemic

ONLINE WORLD DURING PANDEMIC Author: DIKSHITA DABHOLKAR_MBA_FINANCE_10002 E-Learning Services E-Learning has proven to be the only resort as a replacement of traditional face-to-face learning methods in the current global lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.The objective of the current study is to propose a holistic. E-Learning service ensure effective delivery and use of that contributes to sustainable learning and academic performance. to evaluate impact of E-Learning service model was proposed with its unique bi-dimensional features.The proposed model includes a broader aspect of quality measures with five main determinants. For empirical testing online survey data was collected. The constructs and its items Read More
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Uses Of Information Technology in Several Sectors

Uses Of Information Technology in Several Sectors Prerna Uttam Chavan Digital learning Information Technology Media and Communication can improve the quality of education. Social distance learning creates its own challenges in the world of education which is the new normal. The teachers started making their own videos for learning and student support. They share these videos on social media like youtube,udemy,etc and also through voice notes. This is possible because of information technology with the help of computers and the internet which provides an assignment and modulus. To teach the students, teachers should stay updated with software skills using information Read More
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Case Study of James Dyson vs Hoover -M2020

Case Study of James Dyson vs Hoover James Dyson is the founder of Dyson Limited which design and manufacture home appliances and Hoover is also company which manufacture home appliance Dyson Limited was successful because of the use of bagless vacuum clear which uses two cyclones . In one, small particles are removed, while in the other, larger items are collected. Apparently, bitter rival Hoover has stolen this patented technology. Before Dyson, no one in the field had ever considered selling bagless vacuum cleaners. Alberto Bertali, director of Hoover European Appliance Group, says the Triple Vortex recirculates dusty air between Read More
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Calculation of Relationship with State Bank of India

Calculation of Relationship with State Bank of India Author: Saikat Ghosh Introduction: – State Bank of India (SBI) is the country’s largest commercial bank, in terms of assets, deposits, and employees. Owned by the Indian government, it offers a range of general banking services from loans and advances to corporates and individuals in India and abroad. Because it is state-owned, SBI is the preferred banker for most public sector corporations. SBI, along with its associate banks, offers micro-financing to entities such as self-help groups in rural areas that would otherwise have no access to formal credit channels. Through its subsidiaries Read More
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Experience of people regarding network issues using PhonePe.

Title: Experience of people regarding network issues using PhonePe. Authors: Madhura Gadhi, EMBA-16, Roll No. P027 Introduction: PhonePe is a digital wallet platform and online payment company headquartered in Bangalore, India PhonePe was founded in December 2015 by Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari and Burzin Engineer. The PhonePe app, based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), went live in August 2016. PhonePe is use to transfer money from one account to another account, recharge, bill pay etc. PhonePe users face lot of issue during transfer of money due to network issue. So our objective is to research, analyze the data and Read More
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Comparison of 5 Soft-Drinks

Title: Comparison of 5 Soft-Drinks Author Name Batch Roll no Madhura Ghadi- EMBA 16 Roll number-27 Introduction: Soft drinks are called “soft” in contrast with “hard” alcoholic drinks. Small amounts of alcohol may be present in a soft drink, but the alcohol content must be less than 0.5% of the total volume of the drink in many countries and localities if the drink is to be considered non-alcoholic. Views and review: 25 Data collection: As I have listed down below 5 Soft-Drinks on which the views were taken by my friends and colleagues by using google form to understand and Read More
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Interaction of Professor and Students through Google classroom for studies

Authors: Name Batch Roll no Anisha Koshy EMBA 16 – 09 Snehal Tela EMBA 16 – 11 Indresh Bala EMBA 16 – 12 Anjana Nair EMBA 16 – 13 Introduction: As we are aware of the pandemic going on and due to this situation, many colleges have come up with online lectures for students, as to be updated and to make sure everything is on track. So, this survey is to find out Interaction of Professor and Students through Google classroom for studies. Views and review: 108 Data collection: 1.I easily get to know the lecture schedule 2.I get clarity Read More
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Title: Relation of Nifty50 with Adani Power Limited

BRM : Assignment 2 Title: Relation of Nifty50 with Adani Power Limited Author: Asmita Asre, Roll No: 03 Introduction: Adani Group is a diversified organization in India with combined revenue of $13 Bn and market cap of $22 Bn (as on 27th May 2020) comprising 6 publicly traded companies. It has created a world class transport and utility infrastructure portfolio that has a pan-India presence. Adani Group is headquartered in Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, India. Over the years, Adani Group has positioned itself to be the market leader in its transport logistics and energy utility portfolio businesses focusing Read More
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