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February 25, 2020

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Starting a Business
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OPINION OF MBA STUDENTS THEY PERCEIVE TO FACE IN STARTING A NEW BUSINESS • Authors: – Sushmita Dhamankar Deeksha Bhagatkar Prajakta Narkhede • Introduction:- Entrepreneurship has been a growing trend for a number of years and now it is a key motivation for lot of people to do MBA. But still students willing to start a new business perceive to face lot of problems where money is a tremendous concern while starting a new business. There are lot of more problems which students face while starting a new business, some of the problems are they lack skills required to plan Read More
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Problems faced by women entrepreneurs.

In modern economics, one of the most common raising trends is entrepreneurship.It is strongly related to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).Entrepreneurial performance is defined in relation to the output of the entrepreneur. It refers to the level of achievement of the entrepreneur in running the business enterprise. Sometimes, the achievement may be measured by the number of employees, level of profit and sales volume among other things. As woman endures a heavy amount of obligations and responsibilities, she encounters many obstacles such as time shortage; annoyance and resentment that double the pressure on them and discomfort that consequently lead Read More
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Relationship between Syndicate Bank data and Nifty50.

TITLE: Relationship between Syndicate Bank data and Nifty50. AUTHOR: Saloni Mishra INTRODUCTION: Syndicate Bank was established in Udupi, coastal Karnataka, the abode of Lord Sri Krishna, with a capital of just Rs. 8000 / -. He was a businessman, engineer and doctor respectively on October 20, 1925, by Pai and had a firm faith in social welfare. Their main objective was to provide financial assistance to the local weavers by collecting small savings from the society as the situation in the handloom industry worsened due to the crisis in the handloom industry. The bank, through its agents, started in 1928, Read More
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• NAME: – KUNAL WAWAN GAIKWAD. • BATCH: – ITM-IHM, EMBA-14. • ROLL.NO: – 54. INTRODUCTION:- Kothari Petrochemicals Limited (KPL) is a public limited company in the private sector belonging to the H.C. Kothari Group of Companies. The Company has been promoted by Kothari Sugars and Chemicals Limited (KSCL) the flagship company of H C Kothari Group. The Company was incorporated at Madras on 28/04/1989 under the name and style of Kothari Petrochemicals Limited. During the period 1989-95, the company was exploring the viability of various petrochemical projects, and evaluating their techno-economic feasibility. The Company is presently implementing a project Read More
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Relationship of Videocon Industries Ltd. With NIFTY.

TITLE – Relationship of Videocon Industries Ltd. With NIFTY.   Author –  Varsha Sidharth Bhosale. (Roll No-03)   Introduction –   Videocon Industries Limited is a large diversified Indian company headquartered in Mumbai. The group has 17 manufacturing sites in India. And also have plants in Mainland China, Poland, Italy and Mexico. It is the third largest picture tube manufacturer in the world. The group is a US$5.5 billion global conglomerate. Videocon has various brands under its portfolio.   Objective  –  Calculate beta of company – ‘Videocon Industries Limited’ and test its significance.    Literature Review – Videocon Industries was admitted by the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) for insolvency proceedings. Read More
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Analysis Report of four Biscuits Brands with the help of “ANOVA TEST”

TITLE: Analysis Report of four Biscuits Brands with the help of “ANOVA TEST” AUTHOR: K.HARSH PRASAD (21) INTRODUCTION: The data given will reflect that out of the four Biscuits (MARIE GOLD,SUNFEAST,JIM JAM,MONACO) which one is liked by most of the individual with the help of using [“F table”]is a continuous probability distribution that arises frequently as the null distribution of a test statistic, most notably in the analysis of variance[ANOVA]. OBJECTIVE: To determine the difference between the four brands of the same product whether all are same or different. VIEWS AND REVIEWS: K.HARSH PRASAD: Hi friends, I am K.HARSH PRASAD Read More
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Literature review on “ Microfinance “.

AUTHOR :KARAN.D.SHETTY. MMS-A ROLL NO – 53 KOHINOOR BUSINESS SCHOOL 1.Unlike formal sector financial institutions, the large majority of MFIs are not “sustainable,” where sustainability is equated in microfinance literature and parlance with financial self-sufficiency. Instead, most MFIs are able to operate without covering their costs due to subsidies and gifts from governments and other donors. Notwithstanding, the microfinance industry is dominated by an institutional paradigm asserting that an MFI should be able to cover its operating and financing costs with program revenues. Morduch (2000) 2.Welfarists tend to emphasize poverty alleviation, place relatively greater weight on depthof outreach relative to Read More
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Literature review on “ Digital marketing “

Literature review on “ Digital marketing “ AUTHOR :NAMRATA P KAMBLE. MMS-AROLL NO – 21 1Wiebke et al (2008) states that the unique characteristics of digital content, and associated consequences for digital content marketing. It focuses on the impact of the difficulty in developing a notion of ‘value’ in the context of digital content, and its consequences for value chain structures, pricing strategies, marketing communications and branding, and licensing and digital rights management. Jennifer Rowley (2008) 2Wiebke et al (2015) states that the insights into how brand managers position social media within the communications strategy and utilize different social media Read More
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To check whether the social media platforms are different from each other. Author: Pooja Patil

Introduction: Social media is a part of our day to day life. We spend most of the time browsing through these social media sites. Majority of us have an account in at least one of this site. These platforms are used for a number of purposes such as being updated, connecting with people, knowing what is going on in today’s world, entertainment etc. although many of these platforms are available today the most popular sites/platforms being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. This article focuses on the comparison of these platforms. Objective: To check whether the social media platforms are independent Read More
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To understand opinion/comparison between 4 actresses

Title: To understand opinion/comparison between 4 actresses Author: Vaibhav Singh (Roll No-MBA11P038) Introduction: Katrina Kaif (born 16 July 1983) is an English actress who works in Hindi films. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics for her acting prowess, she has established herself in Bollywood and is one of India’s highest-paid actresses. Born in Hong Kong, Kaif and her family lived in several countries before she moved to London. She received her first modelling assignment as a teenager and later pursued a career as a fashion model. While filming in India, Kaif received modelling assignments and established a successful modelling career. Read More
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