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September 11, 2022

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Legal cases of Zomato

introduction & background On 9th of March, 2021 one Hitesha Chandranee of Bangalore claimed that when she complained of her food delivery from Zomato getting delayed, she was assaulted by the delivery person (more particularly punched on the face).[1] The woman has posted a video of her bleeding nose online. While the woman herself was first booked by the police for assaulting the delivery guy. However, a day later the delivery boy – one Kamaraj was arrested and Zomato suspended him as per procedure. According to the delivery boy, the women assaulted him first and so he filed a complaint Read More
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Impact of CSR on Businesses

Author : Misbah Pathan The objective of the study: The objective of this research is to understand the various positive and negative impacts of CSR on business firms. Introduction The term CSR was coined by Bowen in 1953 which he described as “the set of moral and personal obligations that the employer must follow considering the exercise of policy decisions or courses of action in terms of objectives and values desired by society. A detailed classification is provided which suggests the following groups, the government, environmental organizations, NGO professionals’ critics or experts, and others in general the citizen locals, or Read More
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Growing impact of Startups around the World.

Growing impact of Startups around the World. Author: Laveena Uchil. 1. Research Objective: To find out the growing importance of Startups around the world economy. 2. Introduction: Startup refers to new emerging business venture which can be developed into a feasible business model through innovative solutions. Start-ups are extremely high-risk ventures which are usually formed by visionary entrepreneurs who are ready to take risks to solve a customer problem or fill a gap in the market. Startups play an important role in the economy by creating new job opportunities & reducing unemployment among local people in an economy. Apart from Read More
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To determine People’s opinion on the authenticity of products purchased online

Business Research Methodology Research Assignment Faculty In-Charge – Prof. J K Sachdeva Name SAP ID Glavan Fernandez – 80012100908 Khushboo Gangvekar-80012100835 Nihhar Tated – 80012100955 Prateesh Bhambhani- 80012100882 Problem Title: To determine People’s opinion on the authenticity of products purchased online Name of researchers • Glavan Fernandez • Khushboo Gangvekar • Nihhar Tated • Prateesh Bhambhani Introduction: Online shopping is the process of buying goods and services from merchants who sell their products on the Internet. When people are unable to see/feel and purchase the product, there is always an element of doubt whether the Product is genuine or not. Read More
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Career prospects of management students

Objective- To understand the inclination of management students towards entrepreneurship Authors- Karan Singh Dhillon, Palak Goyal, Shreeya Khatavkar, Shreyansh Khadse (NMIMS Navi Mumbai MBA Batch 2021-2023) Introduction: The allure for entrepreneurship and new venture development has grown as the world economy has become increasingly unpredictable, organisations and governments have reduced their staff strength, and the number of corporate recruitment specialists on the budgetary framework has decreased. Furthermore, rising discontent and disappointment in corporate jobs fueled the appeal of self-employment, particularly among B-school students. This study looks into students’ perceptions toward entrepreneurship and their inclination towards it as a future path. Read More
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Anova Analysis of handbags Brands

Author: Poonam R. Patil Introduction: I have selected different brands of handbags for people to rate, these are the popular clothing brands. 1. Louis Vuitton 2. Baggit 3. Lavie 4. Caprese Objective: All the four brands of clothing which I have chosen are very popular and liked by many people and all of the four brands are very different from each other in style. Data collection: I have taken four brands of clothing and surveyed 35 people and see how much they will give a rating from 1-10 Data analysis: Between groups SS = 10.02142857 DF = 3 MS = Read More
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One way ANOVA Test with four different types of Online payment apps.

One way ANOVA Test with four different types of Online payment apps. Author: Miss. Isha Dhaktode. Objective: One way ANOVA Test with four different types of Online payment apps. Literature Review: Literature Review on Adoption of Digital Payment System India is no longer lagging behind other countries in joining the digital payment revolution. Digital payments have taken off in India and there are no chances of it to slow down in the future. With the demonetization by the government of India of highest currency notes in the country as well as the incentives provided for the adoption of digital payment Read More
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Why do startups fail? – Things to know for a startup

Why do startups fail? – Things to know for a startup By Miss. Isha Dhaktode. Entrepreneurial Education is Helpful for Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting Students enrolled in universities can gain knowledge in entrepreneurship courses; those who have ideas are supported and offered consulting and coaching services; there are plenty of opportunities for networking; and a variety of financing options are available for spin-offs. However, there is a blind spot. There is no systematic entrepreneurship education in vocational education and training at upper secondary level. Entrepreneurship education with a strong focus on sustainability combines professional, interdisciplinary, and general education knowledge and Read More
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ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE (ANOVA) ON Four Different Types Of Bikes ( Bikers Highly Preferred in Monsoon )

ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE (ANOVA) ON Four Different Types Of Bikes ( Bikers Highly Preferred in Monsoon ) Author: Sushant Sanajy Pol , Roll No. KHR2019EMBAP023, ITM EMBA batch 17 INTRODUCTION: A biker is dream of the ride with a bike on a long route. The bikers mostly preferred the bikes are those high power of engine, big width of tyres, advanced breaking system, & much more. The bikers ride with their bikes in all seasons but monsoon is special season for all. That’s why I am mentioning the four different bikes of anova the bikes are highly preferred I monsoon. Read More
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