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January 6, 2021

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Reservation is a necessity or a burden for India

Reservation is a necessity or a burden for India Survey conducted by – Swaraj Bhattacharya Sanket Nair Menon Divya Gopakumar ITM Executive MBA Batch 1 (2015-2017) INTRODUCTION: The caste based reservation in India is a never ending debate with no realistic outcomes till date. Objective of introducing the reservation system ages ago was to uplift the conditions of less privileged strata of the society and ensure that the minorities are not discriminated. There is little evidence if the reservation system has performed well and made a relevant difference or contribution towards the economic growth of India as a developing country. Read More
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Men as Homemaker

Men as Homemakers By: Apurva Saxena Harpreet Kaur Srestha Nandy ITM Executive MBA program INTRODUCTION: “The man in our society is the breadwinner; the woman has enough to do as the homemaker, wife and mother.” This statement has become the stereotype of the society. In this era, where we talk of women’s empowerment and gender equality, how can we give space to such a thought? Modern India may have witnessed a score of revolutions toward a gender-equal society but the extent to which it has been realised remains debatable. The trend of stay-at-home husbands seems to have gained an acceptance Read More
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Job Vs Business – Survey Report

Job Vs Business – Survey Report By:- – Chetna Bendwal – Mariya Sabir – Shahin Sultana 1. INTRODUCTION: The study involves a survey on Job Vs Business. From many years it is confusion in minds of working class that what is best Job or business. Many employers joins business as they think business has more profit and many businessmen want to have a job as they think it is financially secure. However many people are well satisfied in their jobs and many in their business so there is a curiosity In young generation that what field to choose job or Read More
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Difference between four tshirt brand

Vivek sahu MIM (KJ Somaiya college) Title: Comparison of four tshirt Brand Author: Vivek sahu – MBA (IT) – KJ Somaiya college Introduction: whenever we talk about fashion different clothes brand come in our mind. These clothes brand provide us with the clothes which are trending all over the world. So here are four most trendy brands US Polo, H&M, HRX, and MAX. Objective: To compare four Clothes Brand Data Collection: The questionnaire method was used to collect data from the 30respondents while they were asked to rank the clothes Brand they prefer on scale of (1to 10). Data Analysis: Read More
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Relationship between Sun pharma pvt Ltd and Nifty 50

Relationship between Sun pharma pvt Ltd and Nifty 50 Vivek sahu MIM (KJ Somiaya college) Introduction Sun pharma pvt Ltd is a leading multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company in India (headquartered in Mumbai) with its inception in 1935 and strong presence in more than 170 countries. The company strives in production and development of medicines with the aim of treating respiratory, cardiovascular problems, arthritis, diabetes and other medical conditions and promoting wellness in lifestyle of its people. The Nifty 50 index (National Index Fifty) is a stock market index for the Indian equity market and is considered as NSE’s benchmark. Read More
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Calculation of Relationship with State Bank of India

Calculation of Relationship with State Bank of India Author: Saikat Ghosh Introduction: – State Bank of India (SBI) is the country’s largest commercial bank, in terms of assets, deposits, and employees. Owned by the Indian government, it offers a range of general banking services from loans and advances to corporates and individuals in India and abroad. Because it is state-owned, SBI is the preferred banker for most public sector corporations. SBI, along with its associate banks, offers micro-financing to entities such as self-help groups in rural areas that would otherwise have no access to formal credit channels. Through its subsidiaries Read More
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Comparison of 5 Soft-Drinks

Author- Prashant Dhavale Roll no-07, MIM-SIMSR Title: Comparison of 5 Soft-Drinks Author Name Batch Roll no Madhura Ghadi- EMBA 16 Roll number-27 Introduction: Soft drinks are called “soft” in contrast with “hard” alcoholic drinks. Small amounts of alcohol may be present in a soft drink, but the alcohol content must be less than 0.5% of the total volume of the drink in many countries and localities if the drink is to be considered non-alcoholic. Views and review: 25 Data collection: As I have listed down below 5 Soft-Drinks on which the views were taken by my friends and colleagues by Read More
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Comparison of shoe brands

Author Avadhesh Shukla Roll No- 19 Introduction: A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot. Shoes are also used as an item of decoration and fashion. The design of shoes has varied enormously through time and from culture to culture, with appearance originally being tied to function. Views & Review: Recently I bought a few pairs from their online store and they are excellent quality. It looks cool and awesome in black and white colour combination. The small pores in the shoe makes us our feet fresh as they provide good air circulation. Read More
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This is a case based on Trademark Act. Mahendra And Mahendra Paper Mills vs Mahindra And Mahindra Ltd.

Name: Meeta Sudhakar Gamre Batch: EPGPM 1 Branch: Sion This is a case based on Trademark Act. Mahendra And Mahendra Paper Mills vs Mahindra And Mahindra Ltd. An order was passed restraining a paper mill from using a falsely similar name ‘Mahendra and Mahendra to the Rs 3,000-crore corporate giant Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd company. In a landmark judgement of Bombay high court on 9th November 2001 comprising of Justice D.P Mohapatra and Justice Shivaraj Patil passed an order restricting a paper mill from using a falsely similar name ‘Mahendra and Mahendra’ to the Rs 3,000-crore corporate giant Mahindra and Read More
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Karvy Stock Broking Case

Karvy Stock Broking Limited ( KSBL ) Case Study: So lets understand what exactly happened: Unlike past, currently our shares are not in physical forms, but are in a electronic form in depository in india, NSDL or CDSL. Most of the brokers in india has a tie up with any of the two. Ideally the brokers as per process should take sign of the investors ( or take the power of attorney) to invest. Karvy had taken Power of Attorney from their Clients. Once broker purchases the shares on behalf of you, they have to deposit the securities in their Read More
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