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July 20, 2022

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Analysis on 4 Tea Brand

Report: To write a detail analysis on the Tea for India by a survey and find out if any of the movies is different. Author: Ruchita Bendugade Objective: To compare the 4 data and figure out if any is different. Literature review: The global production and consumption of tea has been steadily increasing over the past decades. The tea industry has become a significant contributor to the economies of producing countries such as Kenya, Sri Lanka, India and China. Apart from its economic importance, the environmental and social importance of tea production has been recognised in the literature. However the Read More
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Experience with online payment App

Add description TITLE EXPERIENCE WITH ONLINE PAYMENT APP AUTHOR Ruchita Bendugade Amruta sargar Priyanka katpara INTRODUCTION The ongoing spread of COVID-19 has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy and financial markets. To contain the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, India, like many countries across the globe, is taking several measures, including a nationwide lockdown; limiting movement of the entire population; shutting down public places and transport; and urging the public to stay indoors, maintain social distance, and work from home. The resulting economic disruption is huge and the short term decline in activity for businesses, both Read More
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Digital currency

Digital currency Author – Ruchita Bendugade (MMS10002) 1. Future digital money New digitalized entrants into payment services and financial intermediation are also reshaping the monetary-financial landscape. Central banks properly addressed the rise of private digital currencies such as Bitcoin with just a study approach, since they do not pose any risk to the current monetary-financial system. To capture their creation and destruction processes through sectoral balance sheet dynamics; and to identify the inherent risks to the current monetary-financial system, also known as the fractional reserve banking system. These risks, which stem from sudden shifts in money demand and supply, are Read More
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