Name of Author Royston furtado

Rainbow Children’s Medicare Limited provides health care services. The Hospital offers paediatrics, neonatology, pregnancy and fertility care, gynaecology, and other medical and surgical services for children and women.

Data Collection
Data collection for the period starting from 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2022 has been downloaded from Then Friday weekly Closing Prices have been calculated.
And weekly data of equity share of the chosen company has been regressed on weekly report of NIFTY50.

Data Analysis
Regression Equation that was formed after the calculations is-
NIFTY 50 (Y) = -0.13796+ 0.456425+ ERROR
B(T Stat) = 2.956795
N= 49, R2= 0.156839, F= 8.742634, P Value = 0.00485

The equation mentioned above tells us about the relationship between Nifty50(x) value and Rainbow children medicalcare
ltd (y) stock prices. The positive sign of coefficient x variable= 0.456425 states that there is a direct relation between nifty 50 and Rainbow children medicalcare ltd.
The correlation coefficient is 0.396029
If the nifty 50 increase by 1 unit, the Rainbow children medicalcare stock will increase by 0.456425, directly related to each other
In these analysis t – stat of B is 2.956795 at 49 observations
 P value is 0.04, which is Less than 0.05, means that b is statistically significant at 5%.
R2 = 0.156839, which means that 15.6839% of Y (Rainbow children medicalcare) is explained by X (NIFTY), balance of 84,478% is error. Error is due to the variables which are not in the model.
F is 8.742634, the P value for which is 0.004> 0.01, means overall the model is significant.

The above equation tells us about the relationship between (Rainbow children medicalcare) Ltd Equity (y) and Nifty 50 (x). The positive sign means there is a direct relationship between them, which means if Nifty 50 increases, then the equity price of (Rainbow children medicalcare) Ltd. will also increase
P VALUE is less than 0.05 which is overall model is significant.