Author: Miral Dave
Roll No: 021230022287 (IFM Batch)

Man Infraconstruction Ltd is an infrastructure construction company having executed projects across India. The company provides construction services for port infrastructure residential industrial commercial and road infrastructure projects. They also bid for and undertake projects on a Build Operate Transfer basis and on a Public Private Partnership basis. They have undertaken projects in the six States of Maharashtra Kerala Gujarat West Bengal Goa and Tamil Nadu. The company has three subsidiaries namely Man Projects Ltd Man Ajwani Infraconstruction Ltd and Man Nirmal Infraconstruction Ltd. Man Infraconstruction Ltd was incorporated on August 16 200 as a private limited company with the name Man Construction Pvt Ltd.

To calculate Beta(b) and its significance.

Data Collection:
Data collection for the period starting from 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2022 has been downloaded from The data was inherited clean and manipulated to get Friday weekly Closing Prices. And weekly data of equity share of Man Infraconstruction Ltd has been regressed on weekly report of NIFTY50.

Data Analysis:
Man Infra(Y) = -0.8583 + 0.9587 Nifty (X)
The above equation tells us about the relationship between Man Infra(Y) and Nifty (X), the – sign means inverse relationship that means if Nifty falls, Man Infra rises and vice versa
if Nifty rises by 1 unit Man Infra will fall by 0.958577 units. T Stat of b is shown in bracket, it is 16.2376 and P value is 0.000394 which is < 0.05, meaning b is statistically significant at 5% level.
N= 51, there are 51 observations
R square is 0.919 which means 91.9% of y is explained by x, balance 8.1% is error
F is 263.66. P value for this is 0000.394 which is < 0.05, which means overall the model is statistically significant at 5% level

As from the above-mentioned regression equation it can be observed that the Beta is -0.8583 which is more than 1 which states the fact that it is good for investment in short term.