Authors – Abhishek Kumar Ojha, Sanika Mahimkar, Subhadeep Chattoraj, Narayan Aggarwal

After digitalization, everyone is shifting towards online payment and accepting different online modes of payment for transactions. Mostly after COVID-19, everything starts working in a hybrid mode i.e., Online and Offline both, and online activities increased, and then we see many more new modes of payment for transaction also comes into the picture.

To determine whether the online mode of payment for transactions is easy to use or not and other benefits related to that.

Data Collection:
The following 5 Qs. were framed on a Likert scale on a scale of 1-5 where 1 is for Strongly Disagree and 5 is for Strongly Agree.

Questions are as follows:
1. I use it because it is easy to use
2. I use online mode as it keeps track of my transaction
3. I use an online mode of payment because its interface is easy
4. Mode of payment is quick
5. I get many choices when it comes to choosing the mode of payment

Data Analysis:
After receiving 100+ responses, we were able to come up with the following analysis:
1 4.367346939 1.10656667 0.111780114 0.221852584
2 4.234693878 1.119655879 0.113102323 0.224476804
3 4.173469388 1.045614407 0.105623005 0.209632428
4 4.316326531 1.011245417 0.102151213 0.202741881
5 4.204081633 0.973453663 0.098333669 0.195165114

It can be concluded that:
1. People find Online modes of payment are not easy to use.
2. People think online payment mode does not always track transactions.
3. People found that the Interface of the online payment mode is not user-friendly and easy to understand for everyone.
4. People are not getting the quick mode of payment they want because it stuck sometimes, and payment failed due to technical glitches.
5. People somewhat get choices in choosing their mode of payment but are confused with the different options.

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