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A study about the student experience with the canteen service.

Research Methodology Report Guide – Prof Dr J K Sachdeva 1. Topic A study about the student experience with the canteen service. 2. Authors a. Pratik Sapkal – 021230022347 b. Siddhesh Kharate – 021230022348 3. Introduction This is study which we are conducting to check a few hypotheses regarding customers experience with digital payments we have 5 hypothesis which are as follows – 1.I receive exactly what I ordered in the way I placed the order. 2.Service here is consistent every time I go. 3.I will recommend this place to my friends. 4.I have an excellent experience when I go Read More
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Experience with the usage of Google Classroom

Add description for your Article from here. 1)Title: Experience with the usage of Google Classroom 2)Authors: 1. Harsh Divecha 2. Nancy Agarwal 3. Anmol Pahuja 4. Omkar Chavan 3)Introduction: Google Classroom is a learning management system (LMS) that aims to simplify creating, distributing, and grading assignments and engaging students in learning online or remotely. 4)Objective: To get people’s Experience with the usage of Google Classroom. 5)Data Collection: 1. Learning on Google Classroom is easier for me. 2. I find the user interface of Google Classroom easy to use. 3. Learning through Google Classroom completes my tasks more quickly. 4. I Read More
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COVID-19 caused financial crunch among Indian Households

Authors: Anshu Narayan, Mihir Sutariya, Muskaan Singh & Nitish Shukla Introduction As the first lockdown took over India, a wave of financial imbalance was felt across the nation. People were returning home, layoffs started on large-scale, and many-faced salary cuts of up to 50% that also when an unprecedented pandemic was emerging. With such a huge population India surely has seen the worst economic disaster. Household income as a result showed a sharp and negative impact and resulted in a major financial crunch which we’re striving yet to curb. Objective To determine if COVID-19 caused financial crunch among households in Read More
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Research on Perspective of Garbage Segregation Method

1. TITLE- Research on Perspective of Garbage Segregation Method 2. AUTHORS-  Pooja Shukla  Nikita Kopulwar  Akanksha Amrale  Shakib Kalim Suleman 3. INTRODUCTION Garbage segregation is the sorting and separation to facilitate recycling and correct onward disposal. Waste segregation should be based on the type of waste. Sorting your waste makes it easier to understand how to reduce your general waste output, identify items that can be reused and set aside items that should be recycled. Waste items like food scraps, paper and liquid waste can mix and decompose, releasing run-off into the soil and harmful gas Read More
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“Difficulties faced by students in availing educational loan in India.”

Title: Research on- “Difficulties faced by students in availing educational loan in India.” Authors: 1. Abhinaya Shankar 2. Gayathri.P.S. 3. Nandhakumar.G 4. Nisha.V Introduction: Getting Educational loan have become a major concern in India. People are hit badly by various factors like interest rates, collateral limits and so on. This study will help to understand the common difficulties faced by the students in getting their educational loan in India. Objective: To understand the difficulties faced by students in getting educational loan in India. Data Collection: Data was gathered with the help of google form, which were floated amongst students of Read More
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Impact of Covid-19 on Education

RESEARCH REPORT TABLE OF CONTENTS:- TOPIC PAGE NO. 1. IMPACT OF COVID-19 on EDUCATION 1.1 Authors 1 1.2 Introduction 2 1.3 Objective 2 1.4 Data collection 2 1.5 Data analysis 2 1.6 Conclusion 3 AUTHORS:- 1. Shrishti Tandon 2. Shreya Mandhani 3. Mitali Kankaria 4. Anshika Bahedia 5. Harsh Mori Title: Research on- “Impact of Covid-19 on Education.” Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic affected educational systems worldwide. Most governments decided to temporarily close educational institutions in an attempt to reduce the spread of virus which posed several challenges in education field including an expected rise in dropouts, learning losses, and increase Read More
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Research on- “Addiction of Instagram Among Youngsters”

Title: Research on- “Addiction of Instagram Among Youngsters” Authors: 1. Nasrin Pillai 2. Varun Aadarsh 3. Shreya Bapat 4. Akshat Anand Introduction: From 2019 to 2021, the number of Instagram users worldwide grew by 383 million. There are currently over 2 billion monthly active Instagram users. This number makes Instagram the 4th most popular social media in world in terms of MAU’s. For most people, Instagram is a fun way to share and comment on photos and videos. However, some users particularly youngsters are spending too much time scrolling while neglecting other interests, schoolwork, relationships and their mental health and Read More
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TITLE : ANALYSIS OF ISSUES OF COLLEGE CANTEEN AUTHORS : (1)Yashvi Jain (2)Vidhi Bahl (3)Shubhi Agrawal (4)Narang Shende INTRODUCTION : Most of the students in the college are away from their hometown. Usually, they have their meals in college canteen. In continuous basis it seems that the health and hygiene of the students get affected. This survey comprises sample size of 103 people and their reviews. This survey analyzed the problems related to canteen like quality, services, etc. OBJECTIVE: The basic objective of the research was to analyze students point of view towards college canteen whether they are satisfied with Read More
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Why Consumers Prefer to do E-Banking rather than Traditional Banking

Authors: 1) Aditya Mamodia 2) Bhavi Shah 3) Gargi Kalaskar 4) Krrish Gupta Introduction: Electronic Banking is more commonly referred to as internet banking or simply net banking. It is an electronic payment system supported by a website that offers an array of products and services of any bank that is possible to work electronically, like payments, transfers, deposits and more. It is a convenient way to access account information and allied services related to the account from the comfort of your home. These services are made to be secure against cyber-attacks too. Objective: To understand customer’s preference for E-banking Read More
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Research on- “Reasons for addiction to smoking.”

AUTHORS: 1. Mrinal Belchada 2. Vidushi Sahu 3. Sweta Mohanty 4. Shubhangi Karmakar INTRODUCTION: Cigarettes were first introduced in the United States in the early 19th century. Before this, tobacco was used primarily in pipes and cigars. By the time of Civil War, cigarette use had become more popular. Smoking as a public health challenge is globally considered the main risk factor of many non-communicable diseases. Knowing the reasons behind smoking it is a necessary step to develop prevention strategies to combat these issues. OBJECTIVE: To determine the reasons for addiction to smoking. DATA COLLECTION: 1. People can handle stress Read More
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