TITLE : Relationship of Bharat Petroleum Ltd. with Nifty Fifty
Author : Bhakti Rajesh Oza MBA
OBJECTIVES – To understand the relationship between Nifty 50 and Bharat Petroleum Ltd.
Data Collection :-
Data for this study of Bharat Petroleum Ltd (BPCL) has been downloaded from
WWW.NSEINDIA.COM for both Nifty 50 and BHARAT PETROLEUM LTD. Returns were
calculated by using formula = (c3-c2)/ c2*100 Collected data from the time period of 1st April
2021 to 31st March 2022.
Data Analysis :-
Regression data was calculated in the excel tool from that we got below values
X= -2.494392
R SQUARE=0.684433
P VALUE= 0.4941911
CONCLUSION :- We conclude that F value is greater than table F value so based on the above
equation BHARAT PETROLEUM LTD is not a good company as it is high risk