To write a detail analysis on the Tea for India by a survey and find out if any of the movies is different.
Ruchita Bendugade
To compare the 4 data and figure out if any is different.
Literature review:
The global production and consumption of tea has been steadily increasing over the past decades. The tea industry has become a significant contributor to the economies of producing countries such as Kenya, Sri Lanka, India and China. Apart from its economic importance, the environmental and social importance of tea production has been recognised in the literature. However the industry is confronted by a number of challenges. These challenges include resource constraints, competition for land, unavailability of adequate labour, and climate change, as is noted in this article. All of the major tea producing countries have identified climate change as being a major challenge. Therefore, identification of the appropriate methods for modelling tea prices by incorporating a group of interacting time series variables such as price, production and weather variables to explain the dynamic relationships among these time series is important for producers
Data collection:
35 Student have been surveyed by creating a spreadsheet and requesting them to rate the tea brand. Rating was on Linear Scale (1 to 10 scale,1 being Lowest and 10 being Highest). The response data was then exported in excel using and further analysis were carried out. Using Excel’s Data Analysis With single factor ANOVA Tool, below analysis were recorded.
Data Analysis:
H0: All four tea brand are same.
H1:Any one of the Tae brand is different.
One way ANOVA Table:
Source of Groups, SS, df, MS, F, P-value, F crib
Between Group, 11.2, 3, 3.73, 3.66, 0.0139, 2.6711
Within Groups, 138.4, 136, 1.017647059
Total, 149.6, 139
Form the data analysis, we can conclude that in case of tea brand, calculated F value3.66 which is more than tabulated F2.6711, so reject H0 and accept H1, which means any one of the Tea brand is different.