One-way ANOVA Test for Biscuits

Author: Namita Kshatriya

Biscuits are the most popular snacks. It is a flour-based baked food product. In most of the North America, nearly all hard sweet biscuits are called as cookies. The term biscuit refers to a soft, leavened quick bread similar to a scone. Biscuits are usually sweet and are made with sugar, chocolate, icing, jam, ginger or cinnamon. They can be savory and similar to crackers. Types of biscuits include sandwich biscuits, digestive biscuits, chocolate-chip cookies, etc.

To compare four different types of Biscuits by using one way Anova test

Literature Review:
Side effects of biscuits
Intake of biscuits have been previously associated with an elevated risk of chronic disease. However, while considering the socio-economic status and lifestyle factors we are lacking. It is well established that Metabolic Syndrome (MetS), a cluster of interrelated metabolic abnormalities, can occur from childhood to late adulthood. As per a survey, the sedentary lifestyle add-ons to the diseases. (Geuens et al)
Rice based biscuits
The reduction of post-harvest losses in rice and safou is imperative to increase productivity in their respective value chains. Fine broken rice grains were used to produce rice flour and subsequently rice-based biscuits. The biscuits were further fortified with safou powder and the physical, and the nutritional value and sensory quality and stability during the storage of different types of biscuits are analyzed using standard method. (Eliane‐Flore Eyenga et al)

Data collection:
1. Data was collected by sending a Excel sheet link for giving ratings
(from 1 to 10) to four different biscuits.
2. Survey of 35 people was conducted through this Excel sheet. 3.Calculated the F value from ANOVA table
4. Compared the calculated value with the tabulated value of F table

Data Analysis:
A = Bourbon
B = Jim Jam
C = Hide and Seek
D = Parle G
H0 : A=B=C=D
H1 : Any one of them is different
Calculated value in the excel sheet from ANOVA Table, the F value is 1.396386201, 3df, 136df
Tabulated value from the F table 0.05, 3df, 136df = 0.246633713
As calculated F value (1.396386201) is more than table value, so reject H0, accept H1 which means any one of them is different.

People’s experiences or likings with biscuits like Bourbon, Jim Jam, Hide and Seek and Parle G are very different from any one of the above mentioned movies. Any one of the biscuits are different.

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