Title: Relation between the four e-commerce shopping sites and their significance with each other.
Author: Bhakti A.
Objective: To compare the means of the chosen 4 data and determine their statistic significant difference.

Literature Review:
Knowing what customers want
. The value of customer satisfaction in designing solutions for customers and market orientation cannot be ignored. Nowadays, it has become very important for each and every organization to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. Keeping these factors in mind this study depicts that different e-commerce fashion retail stores provides different level of satisfaction to different demographics of people. Issue 8, 2020

Different brand, different preferences
With many ecommerce sites into the market, people tend to compare each and look the best for them. Anova test is used to see comparison and testify the significant and insignificant variables.
Data Collection: Primary source of data has been used to carry out the research process. A questionnaire was circulated among 30 contacts and their views were known on the asked questions. (Brands)
Data Analysis: ANOVA single factor has been carried out in the research process.
The four brands: Ajio, Myntra, Shein and Limeroad have been chosen to carry out the analysis.
• H0: μ1 = μ2 = μ3
• H1: at least one mean is different.
• Sum of squares between groups: 111.2609
Sum of squares within groups: 416.6207
F value: 9.96
F critical value: 2.685
If F > F crit, we reject the null hypothesis. In this case F crit value is 2.685 .and F value is 9.96. So we cannot reject null hypothesis. So mean of the all the three subjects are same.
The differences between the means are not statistically significant as the significance value is more than 0.05 which states that the brand means are equal. Null hypothesis cannot be rejected.
European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine ISSN 2515-8260 Volume 7, Issue 8, 2020 https://ejmcm.com/pdf_10945_56280a9fdeec4062069b8657ff7d9af9.html
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