Author: Poonam R. Patil

Introduction: I have selected different brands of handbags for people to rate, these are the popular clothing brands.
1. Louis Vuitton
2. Baggit
3. Lavie
4. Caprese

Objective: All the four brands of clothing which I have chosen are very popular and liked by many people and all of the four brands are very different from each other in style.

Data collection:
I have taken four brands of clothing and surveyed 35 people and see how much they will give a rating from 1-10

Data analysis:
Between groups
SS = 10.02142857
DF = 3
MS = 3.34047619
F = 1.471194177

Within groups
SS = 308.8
DF = 136
MS = 2.270588235
F = –

SS = 318.8214286
DF = 139
MS = –
F = –

Literature Review 1:

Fashion week and latest fashion trends:
Choi Yeong-Hyeon and all said that “the Fashion is a style of clothing, footwear, accessories, or makeup that is adopted by a wide audience during a particular time”. Changes in fashion are important markers for understanding the society, and the “fashion week” is a significant driver of fashion trends in today’s world. A fashion week represents a major event in the fashion industry, which involves fashion designers and brands displaying their collections to the buyers and the media in runway fashion shows. These events influence the trends in the current and the upcoming seasons. The most prominent fashion weeks are held in the four fashion capitals of the world: New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Literature Review 2:

Social Media Influencer in the Consumption of brands:

Jansom, A. says that “Luxury brands are a valuable market for millennial consumers, whose purchasing intentions are often influenced by social media, such as Instagram”. With the increasing demand for luxury items, customers are becoming more fashion-sensitive and buying behaviours are especially affected by fashion trends. Luxury brands are followed by fashion-conscious, younger targets, who are normally affected by fashion influencers or fashion leaders on social media. Fashion content and social media can affect followers’ opinions and purchase behaviour, as “high-quality, expensive, and non-essential goods and services, luxury brands appear to be rare, unique, historic, and worthy and provide consumers with high levels of symbolic and emotional value”.


1. Louis Vuitton: 8.88
2. Baggit: 8.42
3. Lavie: 8.14
4. Caprese: 8.4

So the above data depicts the highest liking of respondents towards Louis Vuitton.

Choi Yeong-Hyeon, Seungjoo, Y., Bin, X., Tom, L. S., & Kyu-Hye, L. (2021). Fashion informatics of the big 4 fashion weeks using topic modeling and sentiment analysis. Fashion and Textiles, 8(1) doi:

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