One way ANOVA Test with four different types of Online payment apps.

Author: Miss. Isha Dhaktode.

One way ANOVA Test with four different types of Online payment apps.

Literature Review:

Literature Review on Adoption of Digital Payment System

India is no longer lagging behind other countries in joining the digital payment revolution. Digital payments have taken off in India and there are no chances of it to slow down in the future. With the demonetization by the government of India of highest currency notes in the country as well as the incentives provided for the adoption of digital payment system by lowering fees and waiving taxes, Indian people are embracing digital payments enthusiastically. Alternatively, as demand for digital payments increases, so will anxiety for security. It is eventually up to the government and companies promoting digital alternatives to cash to provide enough security for their services, furthermore consumers to maintain good security habits.

A Study on Usage of ePayments for Sustainable Growth of Online Business

The organisations are trying their level best to attract the consumers towards using their ecommerce and payment platforms to increase their business, but there has always been a hitch in consumers’ minds regarding the security and privacy. For sustainable growth it is important for the organisations to consider various technologies to overcome the consumer’s concerns. Technologies like blockchains are replacing the expensive, unproductive accounting and payment systems of the financial industry; it can also be used to improve efficiency of regulatory compliance procedures and save on the back-office costs, etc. Biometric it is an advancement of e payment technologies, many consumers usually forget the password or get scared to share the pin number, so biometric along with Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help consumer authenticate the purchase or bill payments through the fingerprint or a retina scan and also detect online fraud. This will help the consumers to build up their confidence and also improve the user interface experience. These are few technologies that can be used to enhance the consumer’s online e payment experience. WhatsApp using Unified Payments Interface (UPI) implementation where the user just selects the WhatsApp contact, enters the amount followed by the four-digit UPI pin and the funds will be transferred. Many organisations tie-up with already existing payment gateways that have already built trust for example in merchants like Book-MyShow, redBus, Yatra, etc.; their customers can use Amazon Pay as well.

Data collection:
Data was collected by sending a google form link for giving ratings (from 1 to 10) to four online payment apps.
Survey of 35 people was conducted through this google form
Calculated the F value from ANOVA table
Compared the calculated value with the tabulated value of Ftable

Data Analysis:
A = PayPal
B = Google Pay
C = PhonePe
D = Paytm

H0 : A=B=C=D
H1 : Any one of them is different

Calculated value in the excel sheet from ANOVA Table, the F value is, 22.88349, 3df, 136df

Tabulated value from the F table 0.05 , 3df, 136df = 2.669

As calculated F value (22.88349) is more than table value, so reject H0, accept H1 which means any one of them is different.

People’s experiences with PayPal, Google Pay, PhonePe and Paytm applications are very different from any one of these applications.
Any one of these payment applications is different.


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