Tittle : Anova analysis of clothing brand
Author : Nidha .F. Shaikh

Introduction : I have selected different brands of clothing for people to rate, these are the popular clothing brands .


Objective :
All the four brands of clothing which i have chosen are very popular and liked by many people and all of the four brands are very different from each other in style.

Data collection :
I have taken four brands of clothing and surveyed 35 people and see how much they will give a rating from 1-10 .

Data analysis :
Between groups
SS = 60.42
DF= 3
MS = 20.14
F= 9.40

Within groups :
SS = 291.31
F= –

SS= 351.79
DF = 139
MS= –
F= –

Literature Review 1:
The Textile and Fashion Marketing
The concept of Textile and fashion
marketing is the more focused area of ‘generic’ marketing which has been explored extensively over the last few
Years . Fashion marketing is the creative way of advertising textile products in a way that inspire customer
enough to buy the product. Fashion marketing is becoming more challenging due to fast changing nature of
fashion products. Over the last few years fashion industries are moving in a very short cycle . As a result
fashion marketing also needs to be coped up with the latest market trends to satisfy their customer demands.the main concern of fashion marketers is therefore not only the design and sale of garments but also using new technology and innovation to introduce the products effectively to the majority of the consumers in order to fulfill their ultimate goal of selling.

Literature Review 2
Clothing Code and Relationship between Clothing and Identity in Workplace:
Clothing does have a language like property and communication function. But, clothing code and language are different as means of communication due to the limited information source and no “metalingual” capacity nature of clothing code. In addition, females are significantly better than male in reading the entire look. So therefore the correlations between the four attributes (work identity salience, effort put on adopting proper work clothing, importance of work clothing, agreement with communicative function of work clothing) are all positive and significant. However, the correlation degree is different from each other. In addition, females are more likely to put more effort into adopting proper work clothing and more agreement with work clothing could communicate certain work identities.


H&M -8.88
ZARA -8.45
ADIDAS – 8.68
FOREVER 21 -7.2

So The above data depicts the highest liking of respondents towards H&M.


Aaker, D., (2004), “Leveraging the Corporate Brand”, California Management Review, Vol. 46 (3), pp. 6-18.

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