Relationship of Nifty with NESCO Ltd.
Nidha .F. Shaikh

Shri. J. V. Patel, or Jethabhai as he was in an India that was not industrially advanced. The lack of external inspiration only dared him to dream big and become an engineer. This self-made entrepreneur led projects that transformed and strengthened the backbone of the changed Indian industry.
The Standard Engineering Company was in fact founded on his belief in ‘indigenous’ growth. He also took several sick companies under his wing, which is why he was often known as the ‘Doctor of Sick Units’. He eventually became a full-time philanthropist, supporting multiple social and educational initiatives.
To calculate beta of NESCO LTD and see its significance.

Literature view:
Policy for developing human resources:
Developing human resources, accessibility of skilled and erudite human resources, convergence of skill and knowledge in the organisation process and managing a motivated work force are four pillars of strength on which the organisation stands. These four pillars contribute towards making the organisation competitive. Hence, every organisation should adopt HRD as a process and approach and formulates policy to implement it in a very constructive manner. It is of paramount importance for all organisations to maintain a satisfied and motivated workforce to achieve its strategic business objective and this regard, micro-analysis of HRD and its impact upon the organisational processes have been studied in North Eastern Electricity Supply Company of Odisha Ltd. (NESCO). (Patra 2018)

Literature view:
This study was done with a view to improve the service delivery in Zesco limited company and enhance customer satisfaction. They also looked at the problem statement which comprised of numerous customer complaints, arising from delayed resolution of electricity faults, to unplanned power cuts, a long queue of unresolved new connection requests, to pending prepaid faults, illegal connections and vandalism of Zesco equipment and a general poor and negative attitude of Zesco staff towards its customers. The findings reviewed that a higher percentage of respondents stated that customers in the B2B2C (Business to business to customer) markets are not satisfied with Zesco s service delivery. Zesco must develop a sequence of the relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction and customer royalty strategies that are more customer focused. (Nalweya 2018)

Data Collection:

Data for NESCO LTD and Nifty 50 from 1st September 2020 to 31 August 2021
Was collected from and manipulated for closing prices of Friday, weekly returns of Nifty 50 (X) and weekly returns of Equity (Y) to regression Y on X.

Data Analysis: Data of NESCO LTD

Y= -0.156+0.384

N= 48

R2= 0.07, F=3.630

t- stat = 1.905

The above regression equation shows the relationship between closing prices of Nifty 50 and closing price of NESCO LTD . If the closing prices of Nifty 50 by 1 unit the closing price of NESCO LTD will rise By 0.384 unit and vice versa.

The t-stat for “b” 1.905 p value for which is more than 0.06 so “b” is statistically significant at 6%

R2 is 0.07 which means 48% of closing price of NESCO LTD is explained by closing prices of Nifty 50.

F is 3.630 the p value for which is 0.06 which is more than 0.06, which means the model is statistically significant at 6% level.


The regression analysis suggests that NESCO LTD which is currently witnessing a very stable business model with high profitability.


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