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Ruchita Bendugade
Amruta sargar
Priyanka katpara

The ongoing spread of COVID-19 has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy and financial markets. To contain the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, India, like many countries across the globe, is taking several measures, including a nationwide lockdown; limiting movement of the entire population; shutting down public places and transport; and urging the public to stay indoors, maintain social distance, and work from home. The resulting economic disruption is huge and the short term decline in activity for businesses, both large and small, considerable.Digital payment volume declines are seen in airlines, tourism, hospitality, hotels, entertainment, e-commerce (non-essentials) and restaurants, among other sectors.So it has caused major problems in day to day life of the people.

To understand the underline phenomenon of this problem.

Theory Development
The literature reviews on the use of (mobile) electronic payment services have established elements such as ease of use, usefulness, and flexibility [ Antonio;14]. Studies of theories of acceptance of use indicate that the main concepts mentioned above are available, such as perceived trust, security, price value [16,44,45,46]. Other publications [47] emphasize the importance of security, perceived ease of use, confidentiality, privacy, and perceived usefulness. Therefore, one of the ultimate influencing variables used to measure an information system’s accomplishment due to the unexpected state of the majority of systems is user satisfaction. User satisfaction can be viewed as an objective of perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness. Therefore, it is accepted that if users are entirely satisfied with an information system [48,49], this system will be successful. Extensive research in the academic literature is on the use of (M)EPS in online shopping [2,18,50].these dominant themes include factors influencing the acceptance of payment by users [6], the contrast in the perception of these factors by various consumers [51], and the benefits and potential risks of technology [52].

User Satisfaction
Satisfaction through customer usage and perception plays a vital role in the success of (mobile) electronic payment services [53]. The previous literature has distinguished that online transactions’ acceptance is strongly motivated by user satisfaction and the user’s choice of payment method [2]. However, it is not easy to measure user satisfaction due to customers’ arrival when the service is consumed [54,55]. In this study, customer satisfaction concerning using an (M)EPS is developed through a survey to prove that our payment interface is accepted, easy to use, simplifies the payment process, and responds to user needs and preferences for payment choice [2]. User satisfaction is the dependent variable of our research, expressed through the development of hypotheses resulting from the analysis of the data collected from our questionnaire.

In these likert scale questions based on this problem and surveyed 100 students through google form. The values in the scale are(1). For strongly disagree( 2) for disagree (3) for neither agree nor disagree i.e neutral( 4) for agree (5) for strongly agree then the feedback was collected in excel sheet . The data was analysed by the T-stat method so by analysing it values were come into a conclusion.

Q1.I had problems with the online payment app.
Mean -3.47
Standard Deviation – 0.88
Standard Error – 0.09
Z – 5.33
Results -Positive

Q2.I didn’t get cash but the money was debited.
Mean -2.77
Standard Deviation – 1.03
Standard Error – 0.10
Z – (0.23)
Results -Negative

Q3.My account was blocked.
Mean -2.07
Standard Deviation – 0.83
Standard Error – 0.08
Z – (11.18)
Results -Negative

Q4.My transaction failed due to failure in the bank server.
Mean -4.06
Standard Deviation – 0.96
Standard Error – 0.10
Z – 11.02
Results – Positive

Q5.I was unable to login due to server down.
Mean -4.11
Standard Deviation – 0.85
Standard Error – 0.09
Z – 1.30
Results – Positive

There were same problems with the online payment app.
Money was debited and got cash.
Account was not blocked.
Transaction failed due to failure in the bank server.
Unable to login due to server down.

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