Sexual Discrimination and Harassment (SDH)
sexual harassment has become a topic of thousands of researchers. because Sexual harassment has been become problem of most of the countries. According to article published from 1977 to 2020 there are many cases of sexual harassment in every field i.e.: – university, school, workplace, home, online space, hospital, and the military, etc. if a researcher wants to know better about the sexual harassments literature they must use this method text mining, qualitative, and temporal trend analysis methods. Karami, A, Melek, Y. S., White, C. N., Ford, K., & Swan, S. (2021)

Male nurses
We have seen sexual harassment with a woman but now we will see a sexual harassment with men. In Greece there was a survey conducted named Sexual Experiences Questionnaire (SEQ). There were 507 males registered in October and February 2021. According to the survey there were 40% male nurse had experienced sexual harassment in their life’s. 30% of male nurse had never report about their sexual harassments in the fear of no one may believe in them and some was feeling ashamed. Papantoniou, P. (2021).

Gender-based violence
Sexual harassment is a problem that had taken place in all over the countries not only in men, women but it also has taken place in children of all ages. This case has taken place more in covid 19 period when the whole nation was fighting with health, economic, and social crises. According to surveys in different countries we had some data collected that during covid cases had been increased in Cyprus, France, and Australia, increased 30%, in Argentina the number of cases had increased up to 25% and in Singapore to 35%. Puigvert, L., Vidu, A., Melgar, P., & Salceda, M. (2021).

Workplace Violence
Once a women suffer from sexual harassment, they get a trouma of that incident though they try to forget it but they can’t because its leave mark of it. Many women suffer this harassment in their workplace. There are many hospital workers and nurses who suffer from it because of their nature of work. According to our survey 25% to 67% of nurses had suffered this in their workplace life. In 2003 WHO had given report in that they said that sexual harassment is of two categories physical violence which happens through physical force and psychological harm which led to an emotional harm. According to our research psychological violence is 70%to 80% and physical violence is 50% to 60 %. This violence gives all women a lifetime trauma. They feel like their life has become now hell. Havaei, F. (2021).

Onboard training
Sexual harassment won’t take place in home, office, school this also take place in onboarding training. Let’s know onboard training is what provides opportunities for cadets to practice the knowledge they have learned during their education. But there are some cadets who faces sexual harassment in onboard training. According to our survey sexual harassment had been taken place in women were 92 % and men were 71% and there were some people who prefer not to say were 67%. This show that sexual harassment had taken place in every corner of world. Lee, J., Dhesi, S., Phillips, I., Jeong, M., & Lee, C. (2021).

We all had seen in 2017 #MeeToo movement Hai started in that we get to know that how sexual harassment had taken his place in workplace and academic. Before pandemic we had a survey on more than 300 graduate teacher assistance about half of them had faced the sexual harassment. While we had seen on campus the professor had harassed the younger student by telling them about their advantages. Most of the women keep their mouth closed after this harassment is not only about feeling ashamed, it’s something like no one would believe in her, may they won’t get a job, respect which she deserves may get over. According to 2019 study women who faces sexual harassment get into hypertension, poor sleep, depression and anxiety. In academics only students won’t get harassed by professors but some teachers are also getting harassed by their students. Ives, S., & Bartos, A. E. (2020, Nov 25).

Teen tik Tok video
We all are very fond of social media. A video had been viral on tik Tok of a girl which was liked by half a million of people encouraging her to make a video of putting one finger down for every time. Then she was forced to do something sexually though she didn’t want to do it but she was forced. According to our research girls in middle and high school had experience the sexual harassment. In fifth class or sixth class they were making sexual jokes and commenting on them. 90% of girls had experience sexual harassment in middle or high school. Girls rarely complain about this to their teacher and parents. 60% of girls won’t complain. They think if they complain then more boys may try to do this with them. Christia, S. B. (2021, Apr 29).

Sexual harassment in childhood
As far we had seen how sexual harassment had made his place in our day-to-day life. Sexual harassment has happened with mostly children. If we see WHO reports approx. 150 million girls and 73 million children have faced this below 18 years. According to our research there were a girl who suffered from sexual harassment from age of 6. She had not talked about her rape to her mother also. As time passes, she feels guilty, ashamed. At the last she accepted her destiny and she was fully depressed and quit. Sexual Harassment is something that will be remembered for a lifetime. Saladino, V., Eleuteri, S., Zamparelli, E., Petrilli, M., & Verrastro, V. (2021).

Workplace harassment in hospitality industries

We had seen sexual harassment had taken place in everywhere like home, academic, etc. But workplace harassment is a psychological risk which affects labor of hospital industries. In hospital industries more than half women employees are harassed by their bosses and employees. If they try to say something they may get answer it’s our part of duties. Approximately half of the cases resulted in the awarding of some form of financial compensation, and although the amounts were small, over half of these cases involved workplace harassment, with the rest relating to sexual harassment at work. Reguera, C., & García-Izquierdo, A., L. (2021).

Sexual harassment is a common problem in our society. It leaves a mark on victims in the form of harms, injures, or impairs an individual physically, psychologically, or socially. A victim of abuse is always in a fear of something wrong happening. They can’t trust anyone. If a victim has suffered harassment in childhood. Then it’s very difficult to come out from this depression. Radell, M. L., Abo Hamza, E., G., Daghustani, W. H., Perveen, A., & Moustafa, A. A. (2021).

Sexual harassment is both an illegal and unethical practice. This is a problem for many organizations. The best method to deal with it is the immediate report of any form of sexual harassment as per the chain of command. Sexual harassment affects the victim’s psychology greatly. If we want to stop this harassment or Abusement going on then we have to take step and show them that we are not weak we stronger than you. We have to fight and file complaints against them.


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