Case Study of James Dyson vs Hoover
James Dyson is the founder of Dyson Limited which design and manufacture home
appliances and Hoover is also company which manufacture home appliance
Dyson Limited was successful because of the use of bagless vacuum clear which
uses two cyclones . In one, small particles are removed, while in the other, larger
items are collected. Apparently, bitter rival Hoover has stolen this patented
Before Dyson, no one in the field had ever considered selling bagless vacuum cleaners. Alberto Bertali, director of Hoover European Appliance Group, says the Triple Vortex recirculates dusty air between three cyclones without filtration.
According to the High Court, there was nothing unique about the Dual Cyclone’s technology.
However, the High Court ruled that Hoover had deliberately copied the dual
cyclonic technology at the l core of Dyson’s vacuum cleaner. James Dyson said: Their
claims that the Triple Vortex is different have been proven to be false. When Dyson
company looked for investors, Hoover wasn’t interested. Later on, when the Dyson
company brought out the bagless cleaner, they claimed that bags are the best.
Finally, they released their fake copy.”
In contrast, Dyson was unable to stop Hoover from using the Vortex trademark for
its bagless cleaners.