Consumer Complaint No: CC/742/2014
Date of Complaint: 12/11/2014
Date of Decision: 04/04/2016
Complainant: M.S. Nagi
Opposite Party 1: M/s Dabur India Ltd.
Opposite Party 2: Managing Director/CMD, Dabur India Ltd.
Opposite Party 3: General Manager, Dabur India Ltd.
Opposite Party 4: M/s C.L. Traders
Opposite Party 4: M/s Gosai Medicos

M.S Nagi purchased a bottle of Dabur honey on 22/08/2014 from Gosai Medicos in Chandigarh. Upon opening the honey bottle, he found the dead ants inside the honey. He came back to the shop and tried to return the honey but the shopkeeper refused to return the bottle and told him to approach the manufacturing company for solution. So, acting upon this M.S. Nagi served the legal notice on 22/09/2014 to the Dabur Honey, its managing director, general manager, the distributor and the shopkeeper. No one paid any heed to this legal notice so M.S. Nagi filed a complaint at consumer forum.
Opposite parties 1 to 4 in their joint reply stated that the honey purchased by the Nagi was not manufactured by them and the bill produce was not a genuine one. Also, it has been denied that the bottle does not contained any ants as the honey manufactured and marketed by the Dabur goes through very strict quality check. Shopkeeper in its reply stated that is has no role in manufacturing or marketing of the honey he just receives the honey and sells it.
M.S. Nagi then insisted to sent the honey sample along with sealed bottle to the Government Food Analysis Lab this was not opposed by any opposite parties. So, on 26/03/2015 the honey bottle was sent for testing. Upon testing the lab stated that the honey was pest infested and was unfit for human consumption. The opposite parties 1 to 4 did not agreed with the test result, but the court stated that the bottle was sealed in presence of opposite parties and was delivered to the lab in the same condition hence the honey was indeed infested with ants.
Then opposite party argued that the batch no mention in the complaint and batch no mentioned in the lab report do not match. But the finds that there in problem with the batch no and the argument of opposite parties hold no ground.
On 04/04/2014 court stated that M.S Nagi had to mental and physical agony due to the ant infested honey and he had to be properly compensated. Court asked opposite parties 1 to 5 to submit Rs 50,000/- to the court for wasting the time of the court, Rs. 35,000/- to paid to M.S. Nagi for the harassment and mental agony and Rs. 15,000 as litigation expenses.
The was won by M.S. Nagi against Dabur India Ltd.