Vikrant Mulik
Adarsh Panchbhave
Aditya Shetty
Ashraf Khan

Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, all of whom were students at Harvard University. Facebook became the largest social network in the world, with more than one billion users as of 2012, and about half that number were using Facebook every day. The company’s headquarters are in Menlo Park, California. New users can create profiles, upload photos, join a preexisting group, and start new groups. The site has many components, including Timeline, a space on each user’s profile page where users can post their content and friends can post messages; Status, which enables users to alert friends to their current location or situation; and News Feed, which informs users of changes to their friends’ profiles and status. Users can chat with each other and send each other private messages. Users can signal their approval of content on Facebook with the Like button, a feature that also appears on many other Web sites.

Views & Reviews:
Facebook is one of the largest surfed social media website in the world. Facebook promotes businesses on vast scale due to advantage of very high user base. Nowadays, Users are having fear that their data, post, information stored on facebook is been stolen by some unknown users for digital marketing and promotion. Facebook keeps suggesting groups, media articles and friends based on past surfing history.

Data Collection:
For this issue we have framed 5 statements on linear scale. By google form we have approached 100 persons to fill up the form with the below set of questions. Data was coded as strongly agree as 5, agree as 3, neutral as 2, disagree as 1 and strongly disagree as 0.

Below are the question asked for surveying:
1. I have faced a threat of privacy and data security.
2. My profile details were stolen by e-commerce companies.
3. I have received messages from unknown users.
4. I was been added in unknown groups.
5. I was tagged in unwanted posts/advertisements.

Data Analysis:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5
Mean 0.30 1.12 0.14 0.89 0.95
SD 1.23 1.32 1.26 1.65 1.12
SE 0.13 0.11 0.11 0.13 0.11
Z 0.78 6.08 3.60 2.09 4.96
Neutral Accept Positively Accept Positively Accept

1. Users have not faced a threat of data privacy.
2. Users feel that their profile details were stolen by e-commerce companies.
3. Users never received messages from unknown users.
4. Users were not added in any unknown group.
5. Users were not tagged in unwanted posts/ advertisements.