Authors: Rutuja Kapse
Pranjali Kulkarni
Khushi Soni

Work from home experience (WFH Ex) is the perception, observation, and feeling that a WFH employee feels about the organization they work for. As WFH employees don’t physically interact with colleagues or feel office culture regularly, their experience will differ greatly to office-based employees. How they are recruited, managed and motivated will differ greatly. A lot of those attributes will need to come from within the WFH employee. That means WFH employees have to be extra disciplined and organized, manage working hours, and be relentlessly determined to make it work best for their employer and themselves.
Views and Reviews:

1.”Our employees have been happier working from home because they get to spend more time with their families. There has been growth in discipline among employees. For instance, meetings start on time. We also believe that WFH brings in a factor of convenience since location is no more a boundary while we look at talent,” said Sonam Lama, general manager HR, CARS24
2.”We believe that working together in a common place helps in learning, nurturing individuals and teams, creating a value based culture. So we look forward to things settling down soon,” said Anand Ayyadurai, CEO, VOGO(A scooter/bike rental platform).

Data Collection:

For above Problem we stated 5 questions to be answered on Likert scale and asked friends, friends of friends to fill the form

A google form was prepared and it was shared with as many employees as possible to collect data

1. I work continuously in allocated time.

2. I follow a fixed work routine.

3. I experience stress while balancing both office and home.

4. I have suitable privacy during working hours.

5. I enjoy working from Home

Data Analysis:

MEAN – 3.28,3.78,3.75,2.97,3.26

SD – 1.33,1.31,1.25,1.49,1.38

SE – 0.13,0.13,0.13,0.12,0.15

Z – 6.25,6.05,6.08,-0.2,1.94



1. People are agree towards taking regular breaks.

2. People agree towards following a good work routine.

3. People are neutral about experiencing stress & other health issues.

4. People strongly agree that they have allocated themselves a Suitable Workspace at Home.

5. People strongly agree that they enjoy Working from Home.