Title: Comparison of Public transport in Mumbai

Authors names:
Roll no 16, Vinishaben Patel

Public transport in Mumbai involves the transport of millions of its citizens by train, road, and water. As of 2015, 52% of commuters use public transport. Mumbai has the largest organized bus transport network among major Indian cities.

Mumbai is undoubtedly crowded and stuffed with traffic, but even then a civilised city. Getting in and around is simple if few rules are religiously followed. The excellent public transport network is easily accessible and fairly cheap. Those big red double-decker buses, the black-and-yellow taxis are efficient and convenient to get you to any place; also, the rates are perfectly reasonable.

To understand the Public experience on Public transportation in Mumbai city.

Data Collection:
This research was conducted a survey among our friends about their experience in all kind of public transport in Mumbai city. The data collected is from 18 different individuals. I asked people to rate below transportation facility in Liner Scale 1 to 10

1. Mumbai Local Trains

2. Mumbai Metro Services

3. BEST Bus

4. Taxis & Rickshaws

Data Analysis:


H0 is all kind of public transport in Mumbai are same

H1 is any one of public transport in Mumbai is different

On the bases of data collected and applying One way Anova , following statistics are derived using the One way Anova option of Data Analysis using Ms Excel:

Calculated F: 8.97

Tabulated F: 2.74


As calculated f i.e 8.97 is more than tabulated f i.e. 2.74
Which means any one of public transport in Mumbai is different, so Reject H0 & Accept H1