Title : Comparisons Between the Bowlers.

Author: Gauri Chavan (EMBA 16), Roll No ,P078

Introduction :
Cricket as a sport derives its thrill from the battle between bat and bowl. An efficient bowling unit is every captain’s dream which could run through the opponent batting line up. Bowling in Cricket is the action of propelling the bell towards the wicket by a batter. A player Skilled at bowling is called a bowler . A single act of bowling the ball towards the batsman is called a ball or a delivery. We have all heard commentators using the term variation in the bowling while watching the cricket .and we all know what they mean by variations .
There are different types of bowlers from fast bowlers whose primary weapon is pace ,through swing and seam bowlers who try to make the ball deviate in its course through the air or when its bounce to slow bowlers who will attempt to deceive the batter with a variety of fight and spin . A Spin bowler usually delivers the ball quite slowly and puts spin on the ball causing it to turn at an angle while bouncing off the pitch.

Views And Reviews :
 According to England bowling coach Peter Moores – My seam bowler is generally bowling well but he’s sending down a few too many wides between good balls . Is there a fun way for us to work consistency
 According to India bowling coach Bharat Arun – Dedication to the training methods is the reason the fast bowlers of the country are able to consistently clock good speed and produce results as the international level.
Data Collection:
For this Issue ,I have compared five different bowlers and 27 student responded through a google form.
They were graded from 1-10, then one -way ANOVA was conducted.
Data Analysis :
Hypothesis –
H0 – All the bowlers are the same
H1 – Any one of them are different
Jasprit Bumrah ,Mohammed Shami, Kagiso Rabada ,Mitchell Starc ,Trent Boult
ANOVA : Single Factor
Sources of variation SS df MS F
Between Groups 27.56498 4 6.891246 1.0081
Within Groups 861.3205 126 6.835877
Total 888.8855
F = 0.05 DF 4 DF 126
Conclusion :
As calculated F is more than tabulated F ,Reject H0 and accept H1 ,which means any one of them is different.