Author name – Abhishek Mishra , Roll No- 64(EMBA-15 ), ITM Khargarh
Introduction : Adani Power Limited is the power business subsidiary of Indian conglomerate Adani Group with head office at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company is India’s largest private thermal power producer, with capacity of 12,410 MW[3] Adani Power was ranked as the 73rd largest corporation in India in Fortune India 500 list of 2018.
Objective: Calculating the Beta value of Adani power limited and find out its significance.
Data collection: Data is downloaded from NSE site for Nifty50 and Adani power limited, dated from n1st February 2019 to 31st January 2020.
The Revised data has considered, Friday closing price was considered for Nifty50 and
Adani power limited, thus converting the data into weekly closing format. Based on the Weekly closing format, Weekly returns were calculated with the help of formula ((week 2 – week1) *100)/week1.

The Weekly returns of Nifty 50 were considered as Y and Weekly returns of Adani power limited considered as X.Data
Analysis: using the “Regression” option under “Data Analysis” in Excel following Output was generated:
N (Number of Observations) = 48
t -Stat = 93.3296, N = 48, R square = 0.024
, p = 0.2924 F = 1.1345
The above equation shows the relationship between Equity and Indices. As per equation t stat value is -1.06514is for b. The p value which p = 0.2924 greater than 0.05 which means p is statistically significant at 5% level. R square is 0.024 which means 24% 0f equity is explained by indices. F is 1.1345 which is more than 0.05 which means b is statistically significant at 5% level. Overall, model is significant at 5% level.
Conclusion:As per the Analysis of Data , There is positive relationship between Adani Power Limited Equity and Nifty 50 .