Relationship between Nifty 50 and TATA Power

Name :- Tamsil Fatima M. Mehdi Rizvi

Introduction:- Formerly known as Tata Electric, Tata Power has pioneered technology adoption in the utility sector with many firsts to its credit including setting up India’s first hydropower station in 1915. Tata Power, together with its subsidiaries & joint entities, has 10857MW of generation capacity where 32% comes from clean sources. From energy-saving power services, to multi-city EV charging stations and being India’s #1 rooftop solar provider, Tata Power is delivering green technology for the smart consumer.

Objectives : –
1) To find out the Data of your Company.

2) To Observe its Significance.

Data Collection :- I have took the data from NSE site. There are two Companirs, 1) Nifty and the other one is 2)TATA Power. The Symbol of TATA Power limited is TATAPower. In the tables there is date, Friday closing price, weekly returns of X and weekly returns of Y.
S.e of b = 0.337742
Y= -1.089 + 4.429X*+e
(4.3145) N= 48 R^2= 0.2837016 F= 18.61511*

1.) The above equation shows relationship between X (weekly prices of Nifty) and Y (weekly prices of TATA Power limited).
2.) The equation also shows the relationship between the (weekly returns of x) of Nifty and (weekly returns of y) of TATA Power limited.
3) There is a inverse relationship between price and returns. If price increase than returns will decrease and vice versa.
4.) T stat for b is given in bracket. P value (0.104693) which is less than 0.05. So b is statistically significant at 5% level.
5.) R^2 is 0.2837 and F = 18.61511* p value which is less than the 0.05, so b is statistically significant at 5% level

Conclusion :- The above given data is statistically significant since p value is more than 0.05 and it is dependable.