•Title- Comparison of Four Different Types of Shoes.
•Author- Devika Jalindar Borhade
The study is purposely done to accomplish the objective which is to
compare four shoes to compare anything there has to be something
similar in all of them. Here is their quality and popularity is to be
compare. I have selected 4 trending shoes which people use in their
•Objective- To compare four different types of shoes by One way
H0 – All shoes are same
H1 – Anyone among them is different
•Data Collection- The data was collected through primary method which is
questionnaire respondents were asked to rank these
shoes as per their choice (Scale- 1 to 10). Data of 25
students is collected.
•Data Analysis- The data were analysed by using One way ANOVA method
followed by analyzing F value.
Anova: Single Factor

Groups Count Sum Average Variance
Column 1 25 199 7.96 4.456667
Column 2 25 183 7.32 3.893333
Column 3 25 203 8.12 4.276667
Column 4 25 212 8.48 5.76

Source of Variation SS df MS F P-value F crit
Between Groups 17.63 3 5.876667 1.278463 0.286199 2.699393
Within Groups 441.28 96 4.596667

Total 458.91 99

•Conclusion- As F calculated is less than F critical, so accept H0 and reject
H1. Which means all shoes are same.