Title: Comparison of 5 Lipstick Brands by One-way ANOVA

Author: Saira Shaikh

Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments , oils , waxes and emollients that apply color , texture and protection to lips. They are classified under skin colorants which are referred as beauty aids for purpose of alteration of appearance of skin and enhancing the appearance.
Lipstick is a key part of any woman’s makeup collection, and even for women who aren’t as heavily into makeup usually own at least two or three lipsticks or maybe just that perfect shade of red.
Here we have taken 5 Lipstick Brands which are Avon lipstick,Lakme lipstick,Mac lipstick,Revlon Lipstick,Maybelline lipstick.

Objective: To understand whether the above stated 5 Lipstick Brands are same or different.

Data Collection: Survey was carried out by generating Google forms for rating the 5Lipstick Brands. These Brands were given scores on an Ordinal Scale 1 (lowest) to 10 (best). The data was collected from 30 random people who use Lipstick. This data was then entered in excel and One-way ANOVA was applied to it.

Hypothesis: –
H0: All the Lipstick Brands are equal (Avon lipstick=Lakme lipstick=Mac lipstick=Revlon Lipstick=Maybelline lipstick)

H1: Any one of the Iipstick Brands is Different.

Data Analysis:

Source of Variation SS df MS F P-value F crit
Between Groups 215.4933333 4 53.87333333 7.715955485 1.15173E-05 2.434065136
Within Groups 1012.4 145 6.982068966

Total 1227.893333 149

As F calculated (7.715) is more than F crit (2.434) and the value of P (1.151) is less than 0.05. Therefore we Reject H0 & Accept H1, which means in between all the 5 Lipstick Brands one of them is different.

Name- Saira Shaikh
Roll no- 011804