By- Akanksha Shukla, Samrudhi Mohite, under the able guidance of Dr. J K Sachdeva.


In today’s world of love and romance a lot of people meet their partners at the workplace, and yet dating someone in office is frowned upon. You spend a tremendous amount of time at work and, if you put people in close proximity, working together, having open, vulnerable conversations, there’s a good chance there are going to be romantic relationships. Before people act on their feelings, it’s important to think through the risks, and there are quite a few. Of course, there’s the chance that the relationship won’t work out and that there will be hurt feelings on one or both sides. There are also potential conflicts of interest. Savvy employers know that romance and relationships impact the workplace in a number of ways.

One of the most disconcerting is that such activity may expose an employer to liability. If a consensual romantic relationship ends badly, it may create backlash that impacts the workplace and allegations of harassment or other wrongdoing. Workplace romance also has the potential to create drama, gossip, distractions, and concerns of favoritism or unfair treatment. Some employers attempt to prohibit workplace romance altogether. However, this approach may not be feasible or even practical. People have different and maybe contrasting opinions about this. So, we have conducted a survey regarding opinions about workplace romance by taking responses from 100 individuals which is based on the questionnaire designed by us.


The purpose of conducting a survey is to collect opinions about workplace romance.

Literature Review

The relationships that coworkers begin to develop with one another have become even more important as they help to foster cohesiveness, trust, and an overall healthy and efficient work environment. But with this increase in time at the workplace comes an increase in the possibility of a different type of relationship developing: a workplace romantic relationships. The topic of romance within the workplace is an issue of professional ethics, as it not only has the ability to affect the couples’ relationship outside of the workplace, but also that these relationships create many issues within the workplace.


Data Collection

We gathered the information related to our topic from internet and books afterwards we made the questionnaire out of all the information we got in 5 concise sentences and then mailed it to J.K. Sachdeva sir. We made several mistakes while making the questionnaire but sir guided us and helped us in making the perfect set of statements. We made a google form of the questionnaire and got it filled from the student, professor and staff of SNDT area and on the basis of their responses we landed up to a conclusion.

The questions are following:

1) Workplace romance leads to gossip & rumors among coworkers.
2) People engaged in romantic relationship in office usually have low productivity.
3) Workplace romance affects the work environment.
4) People involved romantically working together, always have conflict of interest.
5) Favoritism occurs when employees in a romantic relationship are in same team or department.

Data Analysis

Confidence level = 95% = 0.95

Mean SD SE Z
Q1 1.11 0.827494698 0.081535475 13.61
Q2 -0.27 1.033333333 0.101817359 -2.65
Q3 0.42 1.055816023 0.104032544 4.03
Q4 0.11 0.919980237 0.090648346 1.21
Q5 0.82 0.891939211 0.087885382 9.33

1. For First statement Z value > 1.96 that means workplace romance leads to gossip and rumors.
2. For second statement Z value 1.96 says workplace romance affects the work environment.
4. For fourth statement Z value 1.96 that means favoritism occurs when employees in a romantic relationship are in same team or department.


From the survey we came to following conclusions:
Workplace romance do lead to gossip and rumors among employees but the people involved in romantic relationships in office do not necessarily have low productivity. That means workplace romance doesn’t affect the productivity of employees. Secondly workplace romance does affect the work environment but the people involved romantically working together do not often have conflict of interest. Lastly workplace romance does lead to favoritism among the people working in same team or department.