1) As digitalization has taken place everywhere in our daily life. Everything is done just by a single click. Artificial intelligence has also played a very crucial role in todays life. Britain’s government used this Artificial intelligence technology for protecting their citizens from fraud gangs claiming welfare payments. Algorithms mainly used by the fraudsters most commonly. This fraud identity can only be detected by intelligent computer programmes which can search billions of data base. The Britain government was dealing with many frauds claiming welfare payments. Even though 2.1 billion pounds of the departments budget was collected by these fraud gangs.

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2) Artificial Intelligence have become part of our day to day life, AI now a days used for speech-based assistants and chatbots, online education, and also for online trainings at many organizations. AI has taken place at workplace also and contributed a lot towards growth of intelligent workplace. As we know every coin has two sides there are also some drawbacks of AI as well as of digitalization, as people are more and more becoming so much dependent on technology, they have lost all their originality. People are not able to do something creative without the help of AI & technology.

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3) Technology has changed everything drastically. People used to do lot of study and research on financial markets for making any investments, so they were based on yield curves these yield curves can also be compared with benchmark curves, and now Artificial intelligence has taken place it works with algorithms which totally eliminates assumptions relating to mathematical model functions and of yield curves. Here AI can perform accurately and very easily it can provide information about any market changes at present market.


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4) Artificial intelligence has contributed a lot in our day to day lives. When AI was newly invented experts said that in few years AI will have all the solutions for creating smart machines (intelligent machines). Experts also said that within 20 years machines will be able to do all work which only humans do, but in a very short span of time AI took place everywhere such as recommendations, online chatbots, voice recognition and many more. Even though at many places AI has not performed as it was expected from it, but nevertheless AI has contributed huge in our today’s lifestyle it has made our life very fast and easy.

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5) Artificial Intelligence offered us many things but this is something very unique that AI has also played its role in healthcare and medical sector. Here AI is used for developing cervical vertebrae stages (CVS). For developing this CVS, they used predictions on frequency, algorithms, and seven artificial intelligence classifiers. Some of the algorithms provide poor level of accuracy while some performed extremely well and provided good accuracy.

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6)In all most every aspect of our life AI play some or the other roles. AI has succeeded in so many fields, such sensor devices (Fans, Elevators, lights and many more), voice recognition all these functions are performed by AI technique. So, people started using it in satellite remote sensing, environmental data exploitation and weather prediction-first, by complementing existing systems, and second, where appropriate, as an alternative to some components of the NWP processing chain from observations to forecasts.

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7) AI has shown a very significant performance in detecting and diagnosing faults of building energy systems. There were many challenges faced by developers while developing these fault detection methodologies. These methods are mainly classified into two categories which is data driven based and knowledge based. But for future AI methods may take combined use of both the methods to experience advantages of both the methods.



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8) Advancement in computer technology hardware and software platforms have led to the recent resurgence in artificial intelligence AI) touching almost every aspect of our daily lives by its capability for automating complex tasks or providing superior predictive analytics. AI applications are currently spanning many diverse fields from economics to entertainment, to manufacturing, as well as medicine.   We further summarize the current status of AI in radiological sciences, highlighting, and many more.in the end we can conclude that AI will definitely help in reducing the cost of surgeries and medicinal expenses on families of patience.

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9) With all the digitalisation and modernisation AI was upgraded from its base till now we can see a phenomenon contribution of AI in information technology and modernisation in communication (ITC’s). AI has also taken a major role in e-learning, online trainings, etc. AI and Artificial Ambient Intelligence (AMI) in interconnection with ITC’s through information society laws, superintelligence, and several related disciplines, such as multi-agent systems and the Semantic Web.

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10) As artificial intelligence has always surprised us by showing its multi-tasking abilities and making our all work very easy to perform with less human efforts, here AI in the from of  agricultural robots which helps humans to reduce human dependencies and give them ease for performing agricultural tasks and these robots are known as Agbots. These robots perform all the farming activities based on what all commands it receives. It definitely helps to increase the efficiency and also helps produce more commodities with ease.

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We can conclude that technology has given us ease in our day to day lives all the complex tasks are very conveniently performed by humans but with very fewer human efforts, Artificial intelligence is one of the great achievement of technology. As we know that change is a necessary for all the fields there has to be some inventions, innovations and upgradations. So, this AI technology is a multi-tasking method for all the innovations and upgradations. We have seen AI performance in our daily activities such as sensor devices, catboats, voice recognition, recommendation, robots, smart devices, etc. AI is there in all the fields such as healthcare and medicine, agricultural, work places, fraud detection, to identify fault in dermatological surgeries before actually doing surgeries, agricultural activities and many more.