Why People Don’t Marry before 30 years

Survey conducted by –
Mr.Adityaraj Ganesan
Miss .Angel Khandekar
Mrs. Asmin Khan
ITM Executive MBA Batch 14


The Typical Age for marriage in India is been changing drastically, the present generation mostly doesn’t prefer to get marry before 30. The objective of marriage was easier before but as the nation evolved the concept of marriage has also complicated. People before 50 ages use to have at least 5 children’s before now its reduced to one or two. the way people where parents of 3 kids are the age of 25 but now at the present generation the person completes the educations averagely by 25-26 years of age. Which means the person have to earn and has to take all the responsibly to get marry which is why it is been complicated now.
This survey was conducted to know that why people are getting married after 30 and what are their respective opinions regarding the marriages.


The average age at which Indians get married is 22.8 years. However, like most countries, men marry later than women in India too.

Meet Ayandrali Dutta, 38, who’s a travel blogger and journalist by profession. She is unpacking her luggage after her recent trip to Maldives, and has a smug smile on her face. The trip had everything she desired for…luxury, romance, fun, adventure, and beautiful memories. But the best part about the trip was she did not need a “partner” or “companion” to enjoy the excursion. She was all by herself and, in fact, she has been living her life like that. “I have been single since quite some time now. I have had my share of relationships but nothing worked out. I feel men could not handle a girl like me who’s super independent, can manage everything herself—from fixing punctured tyres to managing the entire household—and is professionally successful. I am yet to find a man, man enough to handle me. Till then, I choose to stay single and I have no complaints from life.”

Ayandrali loves her freedom and is not willing to trade it for any relationship that it not worth it. “I am comfortable in my own skin, and love the fact I do not need to take someone’s permission to head out for a party, attend an event, go for heritage walk or travel every month.”

Similar is the story of Ruchika Dhawan, 35, who believes life can be beautiful without a partner too. “I never wanted my twenties to be just about completing my education, getting married and having kids. I was still looking for the purpose of my life and not mentally prepared to get married. So, I had to put my foot down and tell my family that marriage is not my priority at the moment,” shares Ruchika, a life coach and author by profession.


With reference to the mentioned topic, we had surveyed 100 persons within our vicinity. Below are the 5 Questions we had asked for the survey:
Question 1: I wish to enjoy my bachelor’s life
Question 2: I want to find a different dream to live in
Question 3: Because I might get into huge quarrels after marriage which leads to disturbance in my goals and achievements
Question 4: I am not ready to settle down
Question 5: I have other priorities to complete/ Achieve before marriage.
Calculation was done by using the following formulae:
STANDARD DEVIATION (σ) = √((Σ((X-¯X)^2 ) )/(N))
Z = (X-0)/(σ/√N)
If z > 1.96, Accepted the statement
If 1.96 < z < -1.96, the statement is neutral
If z < -1.96, Rejected the statement


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5
Mean 1 0.61 0.13 0.8 0.79
Standard Deviation 0.93 0.74 0.82 1.01 1.22
Standard Error 0.09 0.07 0.08 0.10 0.12
Z 10.73 8.28 1.58 7.96 6.49
Survey outcome Strongly Accepted Accepted Neutral Accepted Accepted

Question 1 is found to be most strongly accepted whereas Question 3 is neutral by the respondents of this survey.


From the Survey analysis we can conclude the following: –
In a Sign of changing times and priorities, Majority of the Indian youth feels after thirties is that right age to get married and start a family
The survey found that 79 per cent of the youths, who were questioned, vouching for after thirty is the right time to tie the knot
The New generation is more career-oriented and is reluctant to assume other responsibilities before their career objectives are fulfilled.
People generally attain a degree of stability in terms of career around the age of 30 years and hence there has been an increasing trend where people prefer to get married in their thirties