Authors: Poojan Dogra (46), Laura Braganza (57), Apurva Sanas (65) ITM EMBA 13 B

Introduction: Bigbasket, headquartered in Bengaluru, is the largest online grocery supermarket in India. It was launched in 2011, the time when e-commerce was in its nascent stage in the country. It was founded by Hari Menon, VS Sudhakar, V S Ramesh, Vipul Parekh, and Abhinay Choudhari. It has reportedly secured fresh funding worth USD 150 million (about Rs 1,040 crore) led by Chinese e-tailer Alibaba and other investors including, South Korean firm Mirae Asset and UK government-owned CDC Group

Views & Reviews: Vipul Parekh, CFO, and co-founder of BigBasket’s parent entity SuperMarket Grocery Supplies Pvt said: “We recently raised $ 150 million from marquee investors and decided to supplement the equity capital with additional venture debt”. The company finds venture debt funding the optimal form of financing for working capital needs and for CAPEX. BigBasket had taken venture debt from Trifecta Capital in 2017 as well.

Data Collection: As per our chosen problem we have made the following five statements:
Q1. Online shopping for groceries on Bigbasket is convenient
Q2. I found more varieties at Bigbasket than in local shops any other apps
Q3. I got more discounts in Bigbasket as compared to local superstores
Q4. The Bigbasket app and website interface are easy to use
Q5. The grocery was delivered at my home in time as expected
These statements were rated on the Likert Scale. This data was collected from the students of ITM and was entered into an excel format.

Data Analysis:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5
Mean 0.68 0.45 0.45 0.89 0.81
SD 0.8394 0.9142 0.9574 0.6947 0.8250
SE 0.08394 0.09142 0.09574 0.0694 0.0825
Z 8.1007 4.9220 4.7000 12.8097 9.8175
Result Accept Accept Accept Accept Accept

“People find Bigbasket convenient for grocery shopping
“People found more varieties of items on Bigbasket as compared to others”
“People got more discounts on Bigbasket compared to local superstores”
“People found the Bigbasket app and website interface easy to use”
“The grocery from Bigbasket was timely delivered to people as expected”