Analysis Report of four Biscuits Brands with the help of “ANOVA TEST”



The data given will reflect that out of the four Biscuits (MARIE GOLD,SUNFEAST,JIM JAM,MONACO)
which one is liked by most of the individual with the help of using [“F table”]is a continuous probability distribution
that arises frequently as the null distribution of a test statistic, most notably in the analysis of variance[ANOVA].


To determine the difference between the four brands of the same product whether all are same or different.


K.HARSH PRASAD: Hi friends, I am K.HARSH PRASAD and I want to share my exerience of MARIE GOLD biscuits with you all.
Actually my father has a confectionary store and when I was in my childhood I used to steal MARIE GOLD biscuit from my papa shop.
The flavour of MARIE GOLD biscuit is very crisp and nice.its quality is really awsome .
The packaging of MARIE GOLD biscuit is can be more good with attractive colours on his packeging.
I always used to eat MARIE GOLD biscuit with the Tea, I dip the MARIE GOLD biscuit in the Tea and then eat it
because it give me satisfaction.But MARIE GOLD biscuits nowdays losing its popularity, fame
because new texture an taste of different brand of biscuits have came in the market and
MARIE GOLD is not spending much on advertisment and on its texture, taste.
My papa about 10 years before had the agency of MARIE GOLD and that time MARIE GOLD biscuit was in very demand and
it was the first choice of every children that time, it was so famous that time in every house there is MARIE GOLD biscuit.


The data has been collected by generating Google form.
These Google form were sent to ITM students, a total of 50 students filled the form.
The data was put in excel sheet and the statements were marked as per rating scale(1-10) and
accordingly Total Sum of Squares, Degree of Freedom, Mean Sum of Squares, F Critical and F value was found.



SOURCE OF Variation SS DF MS F P-Value

Between Groups 0.86 3 0.29 0.04 0.99

Within Groups 1429.79 196 7.29

TOTAL 1430.65 199

The above equation shows the relationship between groups and within group.

The Single factor of P Value which is 0.99 which is more than 0.05 which means accepts H0.


For Biscuits as calculated F is 0.04 which is less than Tabulated F Value i.e. 2.65 then accept H0
it means all the Biscuits are same and reject H1 that is any one Biscuit is different.

For person Opinion as calculated F is 6.67 which is greater than Tabulated F Value
i.e. 1.44 then reject H0 it means all the person opinions are same and accept H1 that is any one persons opinion is different.
In short there is no difference between Biscuits but there is difference among persons opinion.