Author: -Pranav Deepak Dulani, ITM college, MBA 11, Roll no. 65.
Introductions: -Soap is the term for a salt of a fatty acid or for a variety of cleaning and lubricating products produced from such a substance. Household uses for soaps include washing, bathing, and other types of housekeeping, where soaps act as surfactants, emulsifying oils to enable them to be carried away by water. In industry, they are used as thickeners, components of some lubricants, and precursors to catalysts.
Bathe soap is used for washing the body. There are many bathe soaps in the market. Some of them are so much popular and some of them are not so popular. In this report, I picked up the four most popular soaps of the market. In between that, I wanted to analyse if all the soaps are in the same category or not.
Objective: – To find out all the soaps are in the same category or not.
Data Collection: -For all the four Soaps (i.e. Dove, Lux, Johnsons Baby, Medimix) students from ITM college, Kharghar were asked to give grades out of 10. After they gave grading, all the data was recorded in excel and one-way ANOVA was found out by data analysis. Students of ITM gave grading and put into excel sheet. One-way ANOVA was formed.
Hypothesis: –
H0: Dove = Lux = Johnsons Baby = Medimix.
H1: Any One of Them Is Different.
P 0.5 Accept H0.
Data Analysis: –
F Value = 27.03406715.
P Value = 1.12333.
Source of Variation SS df MS F P-value F crit
Between Groups 134.58 3 44.86 27.03407 1.12E-14 2.650677
Within Groups 325.24 196 1.659388
Total 459.82 199
Conclusion: –
In case of Soaps , P-value( 1.12333) is more than 0.05 , therefore accept H0 that means all the Soaps are same.