Title : To Check whether four Watch Brands are similar or not by using Anova single factor.
Author : Bhagyashri S. Lone
Introduction : I have taken four watch brand i.e Titan,Fossil,Fastrack and Casio. Which are well known brands in india. Watch is most preferable thing by common people.
Objective : To find the difference between the four brands.
Data Collection : I have made google form and collect response from my classmates. And enter this data in excel sheet by using Anova analysis I made my result.
Data Analysis :
My four Watch brands are Titan, Fossil, Fastrack and Casio.
H0 = Titan = Fossil = Fastrack = Casio.
H1 = Anyone of them 5 diffrent
Source of Variation SS df MS F P-value F crit
Between Groups 6.96875 3 2.322917 0.811545 0.489267 2.662569
Within Groups 446.525 156 2.86234

Total 453.4938 159

According this Anova analysis I came to know that My calculated value of F is 0.8115 and Critical Value of F is 2.663. my F value is less than critical value of F which means Accept H0 and Reject H 1.
Conclusion :
As we calculate the value of F = 0.8115 which is less than F critical value =2.0663 shows that all brands have same demand and popularity in market there is no difference between them.