Title : Relationship of NIFTY with Bharat Petroleum Co. Ltd.
Author : Bhagyashri Sadashiv Lone
Introduction : Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is a Government of India controlled Maharatna oil and gas company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.The Corporation operates two large refineries of the country located in Mumbai and Kochi.The company is India’s 2nd largest downstream.
Objective :
To Calculate β for the following company and test the model.
Literature Review :
1.Role of non-fuel retailing services: the face of petro-retailing in India

In India, the oil crises happened in 1970s were the major driving factor which made the government to intervene in the oil & gas sector. Till 1990s, then country’s fuel prices were controlled by the government through a policy called the Administered Pricing Mechanism (APM). In general term selling petroleum products through outlets is known as Petro-retailing business. Petro-retailing is the main part of oil marketing companies and sells products/services directly to the customers. Petro-retailing in Indian market is tackelling many challenges like low margins, increasing cost of land in urban as well as in rural areas.To overcome all burning challenges oil marketing companies now thinking of offerings non-fuel services/allied services like convenience stores, ATMs, Fast food outlets etc.
Reference : Kaushal Kishore; Patel, R P.
2 .Working Capital Management : Impact of Profitability

We know that working capital management has a crucial role in financial management of a business. A firm can be very profitable, but if this is not rendered into cash from operations within the same operating cycle. During the year 2016-17, the crude throughout at BPCLs refineries at Mumbai and Kochi was 25.39 MMT as against 24.12 MMT achieved in 2015-16.The market sales of corporation grew by 3%.For this study various statistical tools such as correlation and multiple regressions are used.
Reference : Pimplapure, Vivek U, Kulkarni, Pushparaj P.
Data Collection :
The data for Bharat Petroleum Co.Ltd. and NIFTY collected by official site of National Stock Exchange from 1st Feb 2018 to 31st Jan 2019 .By using closing price of Bharat petroleum and Nifty we done data analysis.
Data Analysis :
Demand =
Demand Prices
N 49
R Square 0.991339
F 5379.489

P<0.01 *
P<0.05 ***
P< 0.10 ***
• The above regression equations shows relationship between Price and Demand.
• R square is 0.99 i.e 99%

Conclusion :
From the above data anlaysis we came to conclusion that Bharat petroleum corporation Limited is good company for Investment.
1. Kaushal Kishore; Patel, R P
2. Pimplapure, Vivek U, Kulkarni, Pushparaj P.