Public Transportation
1) National e-Governance Service.
These paper discuss the current situation of public facilities. It gives a brief idea of government initiative regarding structure and service delivery framework for e-Governance.To develop transport system government of India has taken major initiatives and policy plans to implement e- Governance to provide require services. Effect of e-Governance is slowly improve our life, from day to day access of information to access various services.
( Bharti, Ajay Kumar; Dwivedi, Sanjay K.,2013)
2) Green Transportation
Transportation is an important part of human activity in public sector. the impartant part of public sector service is to give benefit to the people of india .Transportation is essensial part of export/Inport of commodities. Some where it help for economic growth and development. Green transport means transport which has less effect on nature like walking,cycling, Car Sharing and government bus.
(Manohar, B; Kumar, C H Vijaya,2012)
3) Students on public transport
We know that huge no of students mostly girls prefer to travel through public transport but we know that day by day we face harrashment problems This research explores condition of student in lucknow .public transport is common place for people if such thing happen no one recognized and particularly targeted women and girls.
(Tripathi, Kartikeya; Borrion, Hervé; Belur, Jyoti,2017)

4) Choice models of public transport
There are number of route available for travelling but understanding of choice most important for transportation because it reduce complexity of travelling. This research paper focus on Copenhagen Area. The observation explain the rates of substitution not only of the in-vehicle times for different public transport modes, but also of the other transport mode or network differentiating by trip length and purpose, and accounting for heterogeneity across travelers.(Anderson, Marie Karen; Otto Anker Nielsen; Prato, Carlo ,Giacomo,2017)

5) Predictors of public transportation

Public transportation is crucial part of socity .here this article studied about situation of public transport in Mashhad. Materials and Methods: 464 citizens of Mashhad told they used transport like bus ,taxi and metro in 2014. Chi-square, Mann–Whitney, Student’s t-test, and logistic regressions were used for inferential analysis. then they found results most transportation happen in morning and evening and so many thing they calculate.some influencing factor help to improve facilities.( Vakili, Veda; Ahmad Zarifian; Khadem-Rezaiyan, Majid,2018)

6) Insecurity in Public Transport
This article observed and analyse insecurities face in public transport.because of insecurities access of goods,facilities,opportunities offer to people get limited specially women has different effects, considering their perceptions and experiences as two dimensions of insecurity and focus on that in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires The main aim is to show insecurity on public transport as a gender restriction and as a form of violence that especially affects women (sexual harassment), contributing to the denaturalization of daily behaviors.(Leda Paula Pereyra; Gutiérrez, Andrea; Nerome, Mariela Mitsuko,2018)

7) Public transport policy and performance
In democratic country ,people have the power to change rule. In South Africa, public participation is based of Constitution and there are number of policies include in South Africa is described by a number of documents.The aim of this article was to compare the current public transport policies and the public opinion on public transport to decide this policies should extend or not he results show that current public transport policy is relatively strongly aligned with the public transport needs of the South African population, however, concerns regarding public transport such as mobility, accessibility, affordability and safety have not yet to be addressed satisfactorily.( Rose, Luke; Heyns, Gert.2013)

8). Analysis of the Public Transport Network
The analysis of public transportation is that infrastructure of city is most important part of economical growth. Here we study the public transport network of Shenyang, which represents Chinese domestic civil public transport infrastructure, as a complex network. We find that the transportation system of Shenyang, and they find all routes are connected by bus links.
(Wang, Dan; Li, Xin,2013)
9) The prospects of fare-free public transport
The limited-scale free-fare public transport (FFPT) services such as limited campaigns and fare evasion for special groups or specific services are reserve.This study observe route of travelling vary by individuals habits after introducing FFTP based on interviews and travel diaries of a random sample of 1500 household.after that use of transport increase by 14%.(Cats, Oded; Susilo, Yusak O; Reimal, Triin.,2017)
10) Sustainable public transport
The article tell about opportunities available for public transport passenger for sustainable development in market. The main aim of the research is to improve the competitiveness of sustainable public transport. We know that more used of transport is in industry and manufacturing companiesand we examin this in Hungary. To improve supply of goods this will happen with education and awerenes.( Kelemen-Erdos, Anikó,2012)
Public transport services refer to the entire range of transport services that are available to the public including demand responsive transport like buses,train,metro(underground).there are number of broad and sometimes conflicting aims which may influence consideration about public transport service level and patterns.
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