Pepsico is an American multinational food, snacks and beverage corporation headquartered in Harrison New York. The company was founded in 1965 in the merger of Pepsi cola company and Frito Lay. PepsiCo company products are available in more than 200 countries. However, today PepsiCo has a huge portfolio of 22 beverage, snack, and food brands. It does want to be known as just another soda and snack brand. PepsiCo biggest customer in retail is Walmart. It invested $525 million in research and development money into getting healthier ingredients as well as development and implementation of environmentally sustainable ways of running its operations.

The case of misbranding registered against PepsiCo bottler in Haridwar.
A case of misbranding was registered against Varun Beverages Noida. The bottler of soft drinks company PepsiCo, in the court of ADM (finance) at Hardware on Saturday. The case was registered by the officer of food safety, Haridwar district. It was founded that the sample of the company orange drink Miranda contain sugar quantity in less from the level which is mentioned on the label. The label of the bottle mentions 13.1% sugar in the beverage but the actual percentage was
found to be 11%. That is the reason the case was filed under section 52 of Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 for misbranding.
Labels are a key feature of the most product and help the consumer to consume the product. It specifies the accurate contains the ingredients of the materials used in the production of a product and also mention the instructions and uses. According to the Competition and Consumer act 2010 (CA) which says that the company can give false, deceptive or misleading information to the consumer.
The act also requires that labels are used to give information to the consumer such as:
– The mandatory consumer product information standards under the CCA
– Industry-specific regulation such as the food standards code.
Penalties are to be paid by the company under the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006:
– A penalty of Rs. 3-5 lakhs.
– Life imprisonment or Rs. 10lakhs fine.